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  1. I have 'met' the Stanley Cup, when it made its way to my hometown back in 2001. Dan Hinote, graduated two years ahead of me brought it home after he won the Cup with the Colorado Avalanche. They used the cup as a fundraiser for the local hockey association. I got my tickets (my wife then fiance was with me) and we near the front of the line. We quickly realized we had made a crucial mistake. We didn't bring a camera. So strangely, we got to go see the cup, we shook Danny's hand, congratulated him and he seemed to ask are we going to take a picture. I said, sorry, I don't have a camera and said no big deal...I won't forget this! I didn't touch the cup because I didn't win it. He did. Still, my wife and I felt pretty stupid by not having a camera. Oh well, it happens. Another player from my hometown graduated 3 years after me and that was Paul Martin. I've known Paul since he was in elementary school as I had a brother that was a year younger then Paul and they battled each other in a variety of sports. He is perhaps the best pure athlete I've ever personally known. He was outstanding at nearly any sport he ever tried. He played WR as a freshman in HS when I was a senior. I went to a bigger HS and that was something that never happened but Paul was a pretty incredible athlete. In fact I think he held the record for receptions in the state until just recently. He was also an exceptional basketball player and baseball player too. I had a chance encounter with him shortly after he was drafted by the New Jersey Devils and was still going to the University of Minnesota. I didn't talk to him about hockey at all, just talked about being in college mostly. Since he retired from the NHL last year, he's back at the University of Minnesota going to finish off his degree and is helping with the Gophers men's hockey team. Super humble, no ego at all and very nice. I have had other encounters more brief encounters too with NHL'ers too. I interviewed Jordan Leopold for an article I wrote once. Talked to him for a good 40 minutes. Instant replay was just about to be implemented and I asked him if he ever thought about how that may have resulted in him winning a Stanley Cup with the Flames back in 2004. I interviewed Brennan Menell for another article I wrote. He's only had a cup of coffee in the NHL with a few games with the Minnesota Wild but he'll probably get another shot someday with how well he's playing in the KHL right now. A great story of a kid who took the less traveled path to the league by being a Minnesota HS that went to play Canadian Junior, was undrafted but just kept working hard that he earned a pro contract after a strong performance at the team's prospect camp as a tryout. I had a chance to talk with newly minted Wild head coach (at the time) Mike Yeo and young defenseman Jared Spurgeon and Marco Scandella. Those three just were coming off a run to the Calder Cup finals with the Houston Aeros. Coach Yeo talked about how the coaching staff would play against the Black Aces to keep them on their toes after the end of practices during the AHL playoffs. I asked Spurgeon and Scandella if the coaches won those games or if the players did...the players said Yeo and the coaches did and everyone got a bit of a laugh. I met Antti Laaksonen, Brad Bombardir at a Wild fan meet-n-greet during their early years. Great guys, funny and I joked with Brad he might get a job in commercials someday because of his performance in a seatbelt ad he was in. He laughed and now he's working with the Wild as the team's director of player development. I have met former Minnesota North Star and current Wild's radio analyst Tom Reid many times at his restaurant near Xcel Energy Center. He likes to make his way around and talk to customers. I normally would go to his place to watch the NHL draft and he'd ask us about the team and we'd bounce questions off of him. Great food, tons of great memorabilia there too! My wife has met Matt Johnson, Jamie McLennan, and Jeff Nielsen at Reid's after a Wild game. At one point, Tom Reid came down to join the talk between fans and players and a drunk came in wanting to throw a punch at Tom. It didn't go too well for the drunk but despite the stupidity of drunken guy they had a good time teasing one another as a fan brought a Matt Johnson rookie card that amused McLennan who got a kick of how young the enforcer looked. Then perhaps the most surprising one of all was our chance encounter at meeting the majority of the 2003-04 Ottawa Senators team. My wife and I went on Spring Break to Quebec. One of the things we did was go to a Montreal Canadiens game. About halfway through the 3rd period, an Ottawa fan who I had chatted with during the intermission asked me if I wanted to meet the players. At first I thought he was give me a line of BS. I said, "For real?" He said "Yea, do you want to go? We're going to the Ottawa locker room so she can't come in but do you want to go?" I looked back at my wife and she shrugged her shoulders in indecision and said, "Ok, sure why not." So the game ends, (I was wearing my Montreal jersey) my wife had a Minnesota North Stars jersey. He told me to zip up my jacket because of my Montreal jersey and we walked down towards the lower part of Bell Centre. We got to a security checkpoint and I thought we'd find out the guy was a phony but sure enough we were allowed through although they said the players were exiting the locker room so we were allowed to wait near the team bus. We were waiting by the bus and the players started making their way to it and this guy and his friends (where they did memorabilia work as their job) would kind of meet them and they said, "hey these two people came all the way from Minnesota just to see you" and then they'd come over and we'd talk, shake hands. Then (even though I wasn't going to ask) they'd say how about we take a picture, and would you sign their game program. The Senators players were pretty happy since they had won 4-0 and so they gladly took a picture and signed our program. For most of the players the encounter was pretty quick, but for the tough guys; like Rob Ray and Chris Neil they stuck around and we talked for maybe 5-10 minutes. Rob Ray especially liked my wife's North Stars jersey and talked about of his memories fighting against Shane Churla or Basil McRae and we laughed. The guy had just giant meathooks for hands and a cement skull. But they were extremely kind and in good spirits. So over the course of what had to have been about 30-40 minutes we met the following players: Rob Ray, Chris Neil, Marian Hossa, Martin Havlat, Antoine Vermette, Jason Spezza, Patrick Lalime, Radek Bonk, Curtis Leschyshyn, Martin Prusek, Mike Fisher, Wade Redden and Chris Philips. One of the more funny moments was Antoine Vermette (who was a rookie that year), he saw us and asked us to wait while he put his bag and his chicken (all of the players were carrying St. Hubert's Chicken in a box after the game) on the bus and then he ran back out to meet us. We thought it was funny because you could see the players in the bus sort of looking and laughing about it so we wonder if someone played a prank on him. And then someone said the bus was about to get rolling so we were escorted out the back door of the arena and just like that it was all over. I never really had the chance to thank the guy who gave us that opportunity but it was absolutely incredible! Zdeno Chara just walked right by us as did Daniel Alfredsson. Oh well, it didn't matter...it still was an incredible and totally unexpected experience.
  2. No, we sure as hell didn't want that to happen. I think the logo looks fine in North Stars colors. The 1980's Calgary Flames jerseys were awesome, had a guy from my hometown win the Stanley Cup with them in 1989. There certainly is a bit of conflict between the older fans like me who were old enough to have followed and cheered for the North Stars and the younger fans that have no connection to the North Stars. They don't want to see the team abandon the holiday colors, but the older fans would abandon them in a second and not think twice about it. There are plenty of precedents of teams changing colors / logos. I'm not afraid of change. I think the holiday colors are forgettable.
  3. Thanks! I can quote that movie and Mystery, Alaska and a fair amount of Goon all day. I really wish I could get a Reverse Retro Wild jersey, and I really hope the team just changes to those colors permanently. Even though I own a lot of Wild jerseys, the holiday colors are really tiresome. I even wrote about it here on my blog.
  4. Los Angeles Kings (Gold with purple shoulders, 1970's) Toronto St. Pats (Green) Toronto Maple Leafs (White, Mid-2000's) Quebec Nordiques (Powder Blue) Winnipeg Jets (1991, Blue) Winnipeg Jets (Current, Navy) - #33 Dustin Byfuglien Hartford Whalers (Green, 1979) New Jersey Devils (White) Philadelphia Flyers (Early 2000's, White w / orange shoulders) Montreal Canadiens (White) - #25 Jacques Lemaire Chicago Blackhawks (Red) - #28 Mark Bell Chicago Blackhawks (White) - #19 Jonathan Toews Nashville Predators (White, 1998-version) Nashville Predators (Gold, current) - #76 P.K. Subban Calgary Flames (Red, Mid-1990's version) Calgary Flames (White, mid-2000's version) Pittsburgh Penguins (Black, mid-2000's) Pittsburgh Penguins (Black, late 1980's) - #68 Jaromir Jagr Buffalo Sabres (Navy, Buffaslug) Washington Capitals (White, late 90's early 2000's Eagle) Tampa Bay Lightning (Blue, current) - #86 Nikita Kucherov Detroit Red Wings (White) Detroit Red Wings (Red, Winter Classic version) - #13 Pavel Datsyuk Arizona Coyotes (White Practice Jersey - current) Arizona Coyotes (Black Kachina jersey) - #23 Oliver Ekman-Larsson Atlanta Thrashers (Maroon 3rd jersey) - #26 Blake Wheeler Edmonton Oilers (White - 1980's version) New York Islanders (Navy - 1980's to mid-2000's) New York Islanders (White, current) Ottawa Senators (Black, 1992-vintage) Boston Bruins (White, mid-2000's) Columbus Blue Jackets (Blue, cannon jersey) - #38 Boone Jenner Minnesota North Stars (White, early 1980's) Minnesota North Stars (Green, 1991) Minnesota Wild (White, early 2000's) - #24 Antti Laaksonen Minnesota Wild (Green practice jersey, early 2000's) Minnesota Wild (Red, mid to late 2000's) - #26 Christoph Brandner Minnesota Wild (Red, mid to late 2000's) - #96 Pierre-Marc Bouchard Minnesota Wild (Green, mid 2010's) Minnesota Wild (Green, mid 2010's) - #36 John Scott Minnesota Wild (Green, Stadium Series jersey) - #11 Zach Parise Minnesota Wild (White, current) - #20 Ryan Suter Non-NHL Hockey Jerseys (AHL) - Milwaukee Admirals (White, current) (AHL) - Milwaukee Admirals (Black, practice jersey mid 2010's) (QMJHL) Rimouski Oceanic (Navy) - #87 Sidney Crosby (OHL) Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (Red) (QMJHL) Acadie-Bathurst Titan (White, early 2000's) (QMJHL) Quebec Remparts (White) (OHL) Niagara Ice Dogs (Black) - #27 Dougie Hamilton (WHL) Vancouver Giants (White) (WHL) Portland Winterhawks (Red) - #18 Robin Big Snake (WHL) Everett Silvertips (White) - #27 Ryan Murray (KHL) SKA St. Petersburg (Blue) - #17 Ilya Kovalchuk (cyrillic) (KHL) SKA St. Petersburg (White) - #17 Ilya Kovalchuk (english) (International) Team Hungary (White) (KHL) Spartak Moscow (Maroon, mid-1990's) (NCAA) Wisconsin (Red, 1960's version) (NCAA) Alaska-Anchorage (White) (Federal League) Charlestown Chiefs (Blue)
  5. I love Mutant League Hockey. I picked it up about 3 years ago, again because of Chris Alaimo's mention of it in his NHL '94 video. Its hilarious. And I think its a fun one to play with the person who you know isn't the biggest sports fan but you still want to play a sports-like game. In some ways, I'm amazed at what EA / Sega got away with, with that game. Its awesome and its not an easy one / cheap one to find out there if you're looking to find a cart somewhere. Sure there is always emulation but I think its a great game.
  6. I played SNES a lot more than Sega Genesis. Really only in the last 4 years have I been spending more time playing Sega Genesis and most of it (ducking out of the way of something being thrown at me) it isn't for sports games as much as it is for its large collection of high quality shooters. Now I have NHL '94 on the SNES, Genesis and Sega CD. The Sega CD one is great, but its a pain in the a%% to set up. I don't use emulation, all original physical media. So for me, my first exposure to NHL '94 was on the Super Nintendo and to be honest, I like that controller so much better than the Genesis one, especially the standard 3-button one. Triple Deke is a pretty good move; especially for the SNES version.
  7. Well I hope you guys give some credit to Chris Alaimo at Classic Gaming Quarterly. For the NHL'94 feature, even Sal Barry, the author of the article admitted that he was inspired by Chris' work even though he didn't give him any credit in the article itself which I thought was strange and a bit sketchy. Chris gave your site love a long time ago in his history of NHL '94. As a long time Hockey News subscriber I had fun reading it and gave my copy to Chris because I felt he deserved the credit to see what his work had inspired. But it was great to learn about this place through his work and I'm glad to make myself a member.
  8. Current rosters would probably make the most sense. But you don't have to go to that trouble. It was just a mild suggestion. Either way, what you've done is very cool and I've passed it on to some other guys who I know are big college hockey fans.
  9. I wouldn't say I've been lurking but I've known about this place ever since I first heard about it when I watched Chris Alaimo's history of NHL '94 about 4 years ago on YouTube on his Classic Gaming Quarterly channel. I've seen the love you've received in subsequent years from The Hockey News and documentaries, etc. I've been a follower on Twitter probably for a little over a year now. My profile pretty much says everything you need to know. But to quickly summarize is I'm originally from the NW suburbs of the Twin Cities and I currently live in South Central Wisconsin. I am an avid NHL fan and have been blogging about my favorite team and hockey in general for 16+ years. I remember when I first picked up NHL '94 back when I was in High School. It was during that crappy time shortly after the North Stars had left for Dallas. Just seeing Dallas in that game wasn't pleasant. Then seeing Dallas win the Stanley Cup a few years later was rather bittersweet to say the least. Whether its right or wrong, I still hate that team immensely. So when I used to play I used to be Hartford or the Nordiques a lot with the hope those teams would come to Minnesota; plus I love their jerseys and logos. Pat Verbeek and Geoff Sanderson are machines! Then the Wild came along and I was a fan of them even before the announced what their name would be. Its been mostly a roller coaster ride of mediocrity but it could be worse. Beyond that, life is treating me well and since I'm the only kid in my house, unless you count my wife...just living the dream.
  10. This is pretty awesome! Any chance there could be a "Classic WCHA" edition where it features the following teams? Minnesota Golden Gophers St. Cloud State Huskies Bemidji State Beavers Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Minnesota State Mavericks Wisconsin Badgers Alaska Anchorage Seawolves Colorado College Tigers Denver Pioneers Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks North Dakota Fighting Sioux Michigan Tech Huskies If someone makes this...you will have "Bring back the old WCHA" fans uploading this ROM in droves.
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