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  1. I have 'met' the Stanley Cup, when it made its way to my hometown back in 2001. Dan Hinote, graduated two years ahead of me brought it home after he won the Cup with the Colorado Avalanche. They used the cup as a fundraiser for the local hockey association. I got my tickets (my wife then fiance was with me) and we near the front of the line. We quickly realized we had made a crucial mistake. We didn't bring a camera. So strangely, we got to go see the cup, we shook Danny's hand, congratulated him and he seemed to ask are we going to take a picture. I said, sorry, I don't have a camera a
  2. No, we sure as hell didn't want that to happen. I think the logo looks fine in North Stars colors. The 1980's Calgary Flames jerseys were awesome, had a guy from my hometown win the Stanley Cup with them in 1989. There certainly is a bit of conflict between the older fans like me who were old enough to have followed and cheered for the North Stars and the younger fans that have no connection to the North Stars. They don't want to see the team abandon the holiday colors, but the older fans would abandon them in a second and not think twice about it. There are plenty of precedents of
  3. Thanks! I can quote that movie and Mystery, Alaska and a fair amount of Goon all day. I really wish I could get a Reverse Retro Wild jersey, and I really hope the team just changes to those colors permanently. Even though I own a lot of Wild jerseys, the holiday colors are really tiresome. I even wrote about it here on my blog.
  4. Los Angeles Kings (Gold with purple shoulders, 1970's) Toronto St. Pats (Green) Toronto Maple Leafs (White, Mid-2000's) Quebec Nordiques (Powder Blue) Winnipeg Jets (1991, Blue) Winnipeg Jets (Current, Navy) - #33 Dustin Byfuglien Hartford Whalers (Green, 1979) New Jersey Devils (White) Philadelphia Flyers (Early 2000's, White w / orange shoulders) Montreal Canadiens (White) - #25 Jacques Lemaire Chicago Blackhawks (Red) - #28 Mark Bell Chicago Blackhawks (White) - #19 Jonathan Toews Nashville Predators (White, 1998-version) Nas
  5. I love Mutant League Hockey. I picked it up about 3 years ago, again because of Chris Alaimo's mention of it in his NHL '94 video. Its hilarious. And I think its a fun one to play with the person who you know isn't the biggest sports fan but you still want to play a sports-like game. In some ways, I'm amazed at what EA / Sega got away with, with that game. Its awesome and its not an easy one / cheap one to find out there if you're looking to find a cart somewhere. Sure there is always emulation but I think its a great game.
  6. I played SNES a lot more than Sega Genesis. Really only in the last 4 years have I been spending more time playing Sega Genesis and most of it (ducking out of the way of something being thrown at me) it isn't for sports games as much as it is for its large collection of high quality shooters. Now I have NHL '94 on the SNES, Genesis and Sega CD. The Sega CD one is great, but its a pain in the a%% to set up. I don't use emulation, all original physical media. So for me, my first exposure to NHL '94 was on the Super Nintendo and to be honest, I like that controller so much better than
  7. Well I hope you guys give some credit to Chris Alaimo at Classic Gaming Quarterly. For the NHL'94 feature, even Sal Barry, the author of the article admitted that he was inspired by Chris' work even though he didn't give him any credit in the article itself which I thought was strange and a bit sketchy. Chris gave your site love a long time ago in his history of NHL '94. As a long time Hockey News subscriber I had fun reading it and gave my copy to Chris because I felt he deserved the credit to see what his work had inspired. But it was great to learn about this place through his wor
  8. Current rosters would probably make the most sense. But you don't have to go to that trouble. It was just a mild suggestion. Either way, what you've done is very cool and I've passed it on to some other guys who I know are big college hockey fans.
  9. I wouldn't say I've been lurking but I've known about this place ever since I first heard about it when I watched Chris Alaimo's history of NHL '94 about 4 years ago on YouTube on his Classic Gaming Quarterly channel. I've seen the love you've received in subsequent years from The Hockey News and documentaries, etc. I've been a follower on Twitter probably for a little over a year now. My profile pretty much says everything you need to know. But to quickly summarize is I'm originally from the NW suburbs of the Twin Cities and I currently live in South Central Wisconsin. I am an avid
  10. This is pretty awesome! Any chance there could be a "Classic WCHA" edition where it features the following teams? Minnesota Golden Gophers St. Cloud State Huskies Bemidji State Beavers Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Minnesota State Mavericks Wisconsin Badgers Alaska Anchorage Seawolves Colorado College Tigers Denver Pioneers Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks North Dakota Fighting Sioux Michigan Tech Huskies If someone makes will have "Bring back the old WCHA" fans uploading this ROM in droves.