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  1. 2 different concepts. Yes, free keeps me from caring about gambling, but here? I'd be more inclined to walk away IF I paid. "I'm getting smoked by 10 goals every night AND it cost me money?" I think this sounds awesome and would def play if there's room, but I know that spots are limited and not looking to take a team from a regular.....
  2. My up vs down percentage is better down solely because I inexplicably keep trying to launch blue line bombs with Chris Chelios that NEVER even come close to the net....
  3. I am interested if there are still spots available.
  4. Since the weight bug has killed me in classic im in for a league that won't
  5. Anyone please message me on discord when I am up. I am on a well needed break at the beach but will don't want to miss my selection. My scouting team is working double time to find the diamond team at 11th.
  6. I think B League is perfect for me but damn if that 18 team C league doesn't look fun. Take a terrible team like the Islanders and have a good time...
  7. jcariello

    NHL 95

    Oh I had no idea. So when I'm, in theory, 63-0 that's when I should select, end season after today? I absolutley would have ran into this and got jammed.
  8. jcariello

    NHL 95

    Currently 25-0-0 in my season that I just started (checks notes) a week ago. I probably need to pick a team worse than Detroit but I have to see this through.
  9. I am in. I would say B league. But I won't be shy if we need another A player.
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