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  1. Still at it, finally got it to where you can edit the face on the created player menu. Screenshots here: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/56988-2013-mt-remix-project-mayhem-trailer/page/16/#comments
  2. In the words of the late great Scott Hall... Hey yo!? Still at it, got a huge chunk of coding done in preparation for adding face editing in the created player menu. Will work on the part for reading the controller inputs and refreshing the tiles for it. But the faces are in the save file and can be slightly edited. You just can't see the edit in real time. However, in season team data you can now see the created players face correctly. Just a little buggy in game viewing. I will get this done.
  3. I started trying to do that, it's still a lot of work. There are still graphics that need to be updated/added. There are a handful of hacks that were created that won't apply to the original. If I am going to put time into it, I'd rather work on the new rom. That's the best I can do. Trust us, no one wants this out more than us.
  4. Still at it, but adding editable faces to the created players menu is giving me fits.
  5. Oh yeah, working on a hack that will update the play graphics to reflect the personnel that is in the game. Want to put your full back in? Cool the graphics will reflect that by showing the I formation. 2 TEs? No problem, you can do that. The coding will adjust and the players will line up where they should. Long hard work, but if we can pull it off, straight awesome!
  6. Also, as a side project I am trying to do minimal edits to the original TSB3. Just adding 2 teams, but it's not as easy as it seems. I did a horrible job early on documenting some of the areas that I need to expand to make a 32 team basic TSB3 rom. So when I hit a creative block or just have a little time I also work on that version. Technically TSB4 is already a 32 team rom, the plays and rosters are the only functional things missing. My brother and I have been discussing getting those done to finally after 8+ years get a fully playable version to the masses.
  7. The version we are creating used TSB3, but everything we've added, it would be misleading to call it a TSB3 mod. We've changed most the graphics, added ratings to players (impact rating for all playerd that the code uses for boosts, IQ ratings for positions that the code uses for decision making, etc) Added player faces for all and the fields have a midfield logo now. Did I mention selectable alt jerseys, and RPOs?
  8. Started plugging away again, things at work are calming down so I should have more free time now. Also, Tecmobowl.org is back up so I am back on there updating my original thread.
  9. This has been such a crap year, I really thought I was going to get this done. If 2020 has proven anything, it's that making plans is useless. With that, I have 2 straight weeks of 4 day weekends with no travel or family plans and plan to try do some coding. This game will be done at some point, let hope 2020 gives me a break these last 2 weeks of the year. Fingers crossed!
  10. I haven't posted my versions yet. I've been MIA for a bit, work has been stupid crazy. 2020 can suck a big one. Since my old boss quit, so much has changed. Hoping by 2021 things start getting back to normal. I can say the next 2 months will be exhausting for me. Wish I had better news guys.
  11. Sorry guys been an incredibly busy month. Working really long hours lately and I just haven't had the time or energy to edit.
  12. It's the sim value, I'm not at home today, but I can post the location. The byte works for Sim games only. Doesn't effect them in a played game.
  13. I was able to get most of the exhibition stuff done. Still need to figure out what I didn't log when it comes to loading the nameplates on the US Map. Right now it is loading SF and SEA for the AFC and NFC. I got the team text set up and need to tweak the US map highlighter but progress is progress. Will hopefully get a huge portion done in the next couple of days and then start the Season coding. I have the Helmet shells and logos almost figured out. Fingers crossed but looks like it will be doable in the next 2-3 weeks barring some major hurdle I haven't thought about.
  14. So today I started hacking the original TSB 3 rom and hopefully in a couple weeks I can release it. This will have only hacks that are needed to add 2 teams to the original rom. The biggest 3 hurdles will be the Big Helmets, end zones and the Team Select Menu. I hacked the Big helmets for my face hack and I hacked the Team select to be one team at a time. I will revisit that code and see if I can just add another page like the original has and make it 8 teams per page. I don't think I tried to do that on TSB4 as I already knew what I wanted to do with that menu. Endzones are just a pain to draw and map out because of the way the field is skewed. Not sure how I want to handle it right now, may end up adding the midfield logos and field mapping from TSB4 as It would make future edits way easier for people wanting to do their own roms. I really don't want to do much graphical hacking if I don't need to. The mini helmets and name plates are already done. Working on the menu highlight cursor that highlights the helmet of the team you are currently on. I am doing all the graphics first before adding the coding to make it 32 teams/8 divisions. When I release this I will release it in a new thread and post the link here.
  15. First part of adding pick-able faces to the Created player is done, was able to jack in and call my first face tiles instead and mapped it the correct way. Will work on the scrolling through each face/color pallet and saving it to SRAM part of the coding shortly. Also, I have found all the coding for the Created Players for the base rom. The part I am doing with my Rom with the faces is just extra for TSB4. I am almost positive I have all the coding needed now to make a base TSB III hack to 32 with minimal graphical hacks. Obviously there are graphically and pallet hacks needed for the 2 new teams.
  16. Quick look at the alternate jerseys, right now I've coded it for 3 alt Home and Away, working on expanding it to have all the previous jerseys a team has sported available. The last jersey for each team is their jersey from the year TSB3 was released if it has changed since then, see the attached screen for Seattle. Old School!
  17. They fired my manager yesterday... now her work is my work. I haven't even been able to turn my personal computer on this week. Might be flying to Chicago next week. May have to put my programming stuff on my work laptop... luckily I'm IT and have admin rights to do so. It has been a week for real. This is all going to slow me down.
  18. Found the second part. Figured out how the loading worked and I had the wrong pointers set up for ratings. Next for the graphics. I also have a couple of requests in the queue, I will work on those for you guys, just know it will take time. I'm on call this week so time will be very limited. Edited: This still has some coding I need to figure out, looks like SEA is not loading correctly in the pick team menu that pops up. It will automatically replace the QB1 for SEA no matter which position you choose. I will work on that bug this week.
  19. Found 1/3 of the created player stuff. Changed the coding to show the name correctly. Next is getting the ratings to pull correctly. Have a basic idea of what it is doing. The 3rd part is for my rom only, as our ratings are different, we added ratings to each player. I found some of the coding for that, will need to do some graphical hacks to have it work correctly.
  20. Finished adding the button controls for directional punts so you can control the direction. One glitch that I have to figure out, short punts go straight up or down depending on the direction you choose. But still cool being able to pin the returner to a sideline. I will get the fix for the glitch sometime this weekend.
  21. Just installed the first part of a code xplosiv gave me a long way back. Forgot all about it. You will now have directional punting. Need to install some AI stuff but it's in there now.
  22. TSB does use 4 & 16 bit graphics though. Most of the lettering is done in 4 bit. The name plates for the team select map are also in 4 bit. That's the only weird graphical thing about TSB3
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