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  1. Obviously the best Devils.
  2. I use retroarch on my Android mobile. Sure, touchscreen controls are awful, but you can bind a variety of controllers to it if needs be. Battery life is decent, and emulation quality is generally good. The fact you can emulate everything up to PS2 era games on a moderately powerful 'droid is a big plus. Literally as cheap as free.
  3. @UltraMagnus - your skills are needed!
  4. Then by all means, have a look at them! Thanks.
  5. Pretty sure they don't need changing, do they?
  6. Ok, as promised, the ROM, after I have fiddled with it yesterday. Here is what I have done... Changed to white ice (personal preference, don't hate me) Changed Cardiff home kit to have correct red shorts, which fortunately has not changed any logos etc. Changed Belfast away kit to white (for consistency), with as accurate teal, red, and black detailing as NOSE would allow. Went for uniformly teal helmets eventually, as they looked less odd than asymmetrical ones of white/black/teal. EIHL_20_Edited.bin
  7. I simply switched the red to white in NOSE. Decent stopgap (other than odd helmets) until a better effort is worked out.
  8. Sure - might have to wait until tomorrow until I can upload it though. Still playing around with the white Belfast kit as the helmet bugs me!
  9. Having a play session now. Have changed devils home shorts to red with no issues. Also made the ice a less vivid blue (personal taste), but can't have white due to palette limitations doing odd things with other rink features. No issues thus far. Fingers crossed! Ooh, found one. Belfast visitors kit is a reddy pink, which they used ascan alternate. Gonna change it to white and teal to avoid confusion. Ok, sorted a Giants white kit, and also got white ice without weirdness. All is grand!
  10. Must have been Sandstrom being binned then.
  11. Good point, didn't think of the limited pallette. ... and yes, it may have been an accented character that caused reality to fold. Might need to remove them. Looking back at the kits its only really the black Cardiff shorts that really stand out - does making them red break anything?
  12. Yep. Cant remember who got binned which seemed to trigger the issue. It wasn't the first PP that game either, so it might be player specific.
  13. ... Or maybe just an Amazon voucher. Gave this a whirl on my phone during a break at work. Loving it. 94 just feels so more coherent than the breakneck speed of 95. However, this occured - see attached. Dirty steeler got binned, and the world went all melty pixels. No idea why. Went back to normal between periods. Probably an emulation issue? Oh, also, a few kits might be a bit off. Black shorts on the Devils, for example. Easy to change via NOSE though. Finally, did you leave the weight bug in? I might remove it for my own use, if you did.
  14. A 4 team filler mini season due to covid. Really odd format where GB eligible players have been drafted onto other teams...
  15. I can promise you I will be all over it once you finish. 95 is great and all that for the season mode, but 94 is something else entirely.
  16. Saw this article just now: https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/22323401/nhl-94-jumbotron-nhl-2021-stadium-series-postponed-carolina-hurricanes-carter-finley-stadium Basically, after the Canes stadium series was called off, the screen was used to play NHL 94 on. Laggy as sin, apparently.
  17. The EIHL champion is the team who tops the league standings at the end of the season. It is considered by teams and fans to be the bigger prize most worth winning and grants CHL access. Tacky trophy attached. The Playoff champion is the winner of the post season. Currently, the top 8 teams play an odd structure of rounds to determine this. First, a two legged quarter final where aggregate scores determine the winner. Then, the "finals weekend", where the 4 remaining teams play a single game semi final on Saturday, then a 3rd\4th playoff or grand final on Sunday. Its a decent spectacle and fun weekend away for fans. Considered a decent win for bragging rights, and 2nd best thing to win and has been used to grant CHL access and continental cup access. Trophy attached. The EIHL cup is currently the "challenge cup", and the format is as follows. Teams are drawn into 3 groups, and play each other in a round robin inside these groups. Group standings are used to generate 8 seedings. The quarter finals are formed by teams choosing their desired opponent, with top seeds getting first pick. Quarter and semi finals are two legged games, aggregate scores determine the winner. The final is a single game played at a neutral venue. Not really considered a big deal to win by anyone other than whoever wins it. Has been used to grant continental cup access. Cup attached - new, first awarded this year, replacing a cheap looking thing. The EIHL KO cup was a straight knockout cup competition. It hasn't been played since 2005 or 2006. The grand slam refers to a team winning the leauge, playoffs, and cup contest in the same season. It hss been done twice (Panthers in 2013, Blaze in 2005). No physical trophy. The Monteith bowl refers to the old and really nice trophy the regular season winners were awarded until 2018 when it was replaced by the tacky modern trophy. Attached is us winning it. Also attached are the best 3 images I could quickly find for the 3 conference trophies. The Erhardt and Gardiner trophies are the same (set up same year, 2012). Patton trophy is different as it is younger (set up in 2017). As for individual player trophies - I dont even know if they exist. Knowing the EIHL, at most they would give a medal, and an Amazon gift card.
  18. Yeah, with the sheer number of players and EP's occasionally sketchy player data (understandable for minor players), I was bound to use jersey numbers that were out of date, or from a new team, or had to make one up where there was no record. I included a few 2-way players I knew of (say, Rutkis, a player I rate highly IRL), but didn't have the effort in me to research these exhaustively! I will probably use your more accurate\in depth rosters in any future work I do, if that's ok? Mind you, now the heavy lifting has been done, updates for future seasons should be a little easier...
  19. No worries. One thing to watch for is that in NOSE '95 mirrors goaltender catching hands - no idea why. If you copy one from 95 to 94, you might need to switch handedness back.
  20. I know why! NOSE has a config file of sorts that tells it what version of EA game it is reading. To read and edit 95, @UltraMagnus had to tweak this file. He uploaded it around here somewhere for me, possibly in the CHL ROM thread.
  21. I inputted directly into NOSE, sorry. You can cut and paste player data from one instance of NOSE to another, including a nifty option to only copy attributes - might be useful? You can do this for entire rosters at once, too. Batch will be a good honest player for you - works hard at both ends, good physical game. Needs to be paired with a good stay at home D partner (Louis and Richardson were good matches with him) to allow him to roam a little. Likes to drop the gloves, too. I was amazed you traded away first pick. After the Steelers stiched up Kirk, Bowns was always gonna go first. Reading into this, you guys are having Ginn back, aren't you?
  22. Amazing. I await v3 with baited breath!
  23. Cant believe that I didn't realize that - I even posted in the Elitserien thread asking if it was ok to use his translation as a base for an EIHL mod. Doh!
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