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  1. I officially suck at this game. Back in the 90s I could destroy the computer. No I'm struggling to score. Haven't played much yet, so maybe I'm just 25 years out of practice. As far as 94 vs 95... I prefer 95. Probably because that's the game I owned and played a million hours on, so it's mostly a nostalgia thing... I like the graphics, sound effects, music better. And in 94, how do you abort a game after it locks in?
  2. Thanks for those instructions, dmm1000 It worked. Funny, with sound, now I can score. And I'm dominating the computer like I used to back in the 90s. Maybe it's the sound just getting me back into the groove, getting me into the game emotionally... With the sound off, I couldn't score. I felt lame and I could barely hang in vs the AI computer. With sound on, I'm BACK IN THE GAME. Maybe make it into the lowest level C of on-line competition some day.
  3. Just finished my first few games. Can't score anything like I used to. I'm a like beginner again. Especially in 94. Seems like its a lot harder to score in 94> Goalies don't do stupid s**t as much. They are better at keeping up with the lateral movement of the skaters. Also seems like 1-timers are easier to find and easier to score on 95. Only one technical issue: I got no audio. NONE. Any guesses as to what it may be? I can't figure it out.
  4. Looks like we have 2 separate camps here. Sounds like I'm gonna have playing all 3, but 95 is nostalgic to me. Are both versions playable on line?
  5. Thanks for the detailed review and comparison.... It's interesting that there's some controversy... One of you guys said that '95 feels like street hockey, too much running. And Segathon is saying that skating in '94 feels like pulling a semi trailer. From what I remember, I tried out 94, and 93, but I always went back to 95, because the skating felt faster... Especially Federov, Burre, Roenik, etc. And making heads bless was a bonus in 93, even before it was immortalized by Vince Vaughn making, of all players, GRETZKY'S head bleed... And I also recall that 96 was the sta
  6. Thanks for the confirmation on that wireless controller. Just bought it. I'll be checking in to make sure I set everything up correctly with the ROM as soon as the new controller arrives.
  7. @Segathon What's your take on 94 vs 95? Is 95 slower? From what I can tell, there are slight differences in graphics, and sound. An of course the theme music is different. And... On more time: To all you guys... Is the wireless controller just as good as the wired one - or would you say that the wired has better functionality?
  8. I was thinkin the blue one too. But whaddya think, wireless, or wired ???
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Retro-Bit-Wireless-Controller-8-Button-Original/dp/B07WP2ZYNR/ref=psdc_402047011_t3_B07P2B7SKH
  10. Before I pull the trigger on the controller... Do you lose any functionality, control accuracy or anything with the wireless version of the same controller ?? Its only a few more bucks... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P2B7SKH/ref=twister_B085Y9WH8P?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1#HLCXComparisonWidget_feature_div
  11. Cool. Looks like this is going to be cheap and easy to get started. Gonna pull the trigger on the controller right now. I can't do the keyboard thing. No F-ing way. Probably have to start out in a co-ed league, I'm so rusty. Hope that's not sexist. I mean I'm sure there are women out there that can destroy me. Biggest accomplishment I made back in the 90s was scoring 100 goals in one game vs AI. Beat anybody who dared (except for my teammate from Montreal), but is was a small pond. It was NHL 95. Took Chicago at home vs ?? I forget who was the worst team that year... The MightyD
  12. Thanks for all the help. This is quite a society/community of video hockey players... Never tried to score blind... that would be a cool trick. You just go by sound, I guess. I've looked at the tutorial. Glad I came here first. I was about to go on Ebay and buy the old console and game cartridge. I'm coming in very ignorant about the new formats, software, etc. The way I understand it: the actual game itself (which is replacing both the console and the cartridge) will live on my hard drive - is that right so far? and Alls I need for har
  13. That's good news. It means I'll like 94 more than 95. I don't think I need any more explanation than that. I'll wait a coupla days and ask another question about which format/system to use. I figure I don't want to be obnoxious and fire too many questions at the same time.
  14. Ok, Back in 1994 my GF at the time (who is now my ex-wife) bought me a SegaG system. My friend/teammate (he's from Montreal, I'm from Boston) and I started playing the latest version at the time, NHL95. Epic nights of gaming and winning the Cup. We both thought we were pretty good, but we never really tested our skills against a large community of players because the internet wasn't invented yet... But if any of our other friends/teammates stopped by and wanted to play we would destroy them. I can't play Ice-(hockey) anymore because some a-hole (my own friggin teammate, in fact) fell