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  1. They already have all the years of the nes version I believe. Just use them as shells and making changes there.
  2. @UltraMagnus I got it working, I installed win 10 awhile ago and I didn't have Java. So this is Cin and Cle end zones. I tried to pull the palette by going to palette> import from> this file. turned the location to a decimal. I don't think I have the right location because the colors were still off. One thing I would like to do is change the helmets like the updated ones in the pic to college teams. Did he get a photo of the logos save them as a bitmap then paste them onto the helmets?
  3. @UltraMagnusI downloaded Tile Molester but for some reason the application program isn't there in the files. do you know why?
  4. @UltraMagnuscool I’ll get that and try it. I’ve found pretty much everything. Helmet logos, end zone logos, mini helmets, cut scenes, plays, team names, etc. The end zone logos are a pain to line up. I’m turning the Browns into the Ravens and doing a ‘98 version w/ Oilers and Ravens. Trying to put a Ravens logo on the end zone helmet logo which were the browns helmets. Already turned the end zone and helmets black now just need the logos.
  5. Hi guys. I’ve been modding TSB3 for about a year now and I’ve gotten into the graphics, first time doing graphics at all. This question is about the graphics in general. I use tile layer pro. Is there an easy way to line up the graphics? I read that Sega has a pattern like each tile goes over so many places then the next tile moves over and so on. I’ve done some logos already just want to know if there’s an easier way of doing this or a better editor. Also thanks for letting us football fans join your hockey site!
  6. @UltraMagnusdo you know to edit the mini helmets? i can edit the big ones cant figure out the mini. is there a way to delete them off the map? i can get parts of them deleted but not the whole helmet. on Fernando49 rom he changed the oilers helmet to the ravens, not sure if he did it with tile layer or not.
  7. Amazing job! Very well done! I do have to admit thought, the game is extremely fast. I don't think it's playable the way it is sadly. @UltraMagnusdo you think its too fast or is it just me? Other than having no time to throw and a little hard to run this game is awesome. @Drunken_1I'm blown away at what you have created! You and UltraMagnus truly are masters at what you do!
  8. I mean sure if you really want to and it’s no trouble knock yourself out. The only time I get into this stuff is winter because it gives me something to do. Sometimes I feel editing the game is more fun than actually playing it.
  9. The only thing I’m looking to do is change the rosters. I would like to make a 1988 version of the game. I can alway do what you did and just use the first initial and last name or just the last name but I would still be limited on space of the name that’s there now.
  10. Well that's a crappy bummer. I don't know why Sega has to be a bastard lol. I guess I'll have to stick with snes tsb1 which sucks because I really don't like it compared to segas version but it can easily be modified. Thank you very much for your time and help!
  11. Not sure what you mean by this version of the rom. What's the name of the program you used? I found a .bin version made by tecmosuperfan a 2020 version that can by edited the way you showed for tsb3 sega but the stats are all screwed up. No receiver has more than 1 receiving td for a whole season and many rbs over 2000 yards rushing
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