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  1. Just update the rosters, make all teams a 2 back set and update the sim data. I updated TSB3 for SNES rosters and sim data for this year. I got all those locations from the shut down site and used TSB3 manager. Couldn't find any info for 3 for Sega so I just did SNES. I use the Panthers on 3 and want to use the Bengals for 1. As for logos I don't want to change anything.
  2. That would be cool! What info do you need from me if any?
  3. s**t sorry dude I don't know why I said SNES, the Sega version is the only TSB1 I like. I actually had that editor in the past but deleted it because it didn't work for Sega. Thank you for posting it though! I've found the Sega locations for offensive preferences, names, attributes and offensive formations but for some reason the formation change in hex doesn't reflect in the rom. I'm still working on finding the sim data.
  4. I know this is a long shot but does anybody know where the attributes location is for TSB1 for Sega or SNES? I know there was a manager like the TSB3 manager for TSB1 but it’s probably long gone.
  5. @kefkaroth sim values start at 001ee0400. Each team has 102 bytes. 6 for QBs, 16 for RBs, 16 for WRs, 8 for TEs, 18 for DLs, 15 for LBs, 21 for DBs, 1 for Ks and 1 for team off/def preference. I think that’s what the last byte does. Teams are in order same as attributes bytes.
  6. Ok cool. No need to, I already have the sim location. Just wasn’t sure if there was another location I didn’t know of. Thanks for your time!
  7. I know you’re a super busy dude @Drunken_1 but I have a question that only you would probably know. A long time ago somebody put on Tecmobowlorg that each player in tsb3 has a specific hex byte ranging from 1 to f that symbolizes how good they are in the game regardless of attributes and sim data. Is this true? If so do you know the location of it?Thanks.
  8. That’s my dream dude to have a 32 team tsb3. I don’t care if it’s 8 divisions or just the 6. I don’t care if the teams are in the right division or conference, I just want to see all 32 teams on tsb3. Something that would work with tsb3 manager so you can keep the rosters current. I would pay handsomely for somebody to make this happen. I wouldn’t sell it or make money off it just play it! I would pay a lot of money! It sucked shat happened to the tb site. I’m glad to see the drunken one back on the war path to complete tsb4, it looks amazing!! Can’t wait to try it.
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