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  1. Blues road jersey (early 90s colors) Nordiques road jersey Nordiques home Sundin #13 Avalanche original road jersey Avalanche alternate (colorado spelled on front) That is all
  2. So when you're editing a ROM, do you resist the temptation to put yourself in the game? With which player(s) would you put yourself on a line or D pairing? Give me Tony Twist, I need somebody to save my ass lol
  3. @clockwise @smozoma Thanks guys for the replies. Is player fatigue not a factor when line changes are off? It's been so long... I always played with line changes on back in the day. BTW I got my controller. It works perfectly! My next step is to try and connect with another player online sometime.
  4. Just curious what the typical game settings are for the online leagues. Offsides on? Line changes on? Do different leagues have different settings? -matt (patiently waiting for fed ex to deliver my usb controller)
  5. @clockwise that's a clever one! It was cool to see the hurricanes wear that old whalers uniform earlier this year.
  6. @smozoma LOL man that looks like so much fun! Federov "wasted" baahahaha I need to learn how to make videos too, how fun!
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to say hello. I just ordered a usb controller the other day, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the game after many years. NHL93 was the hobby of choice for my pregnant girlfriend (now my wife) and me, back when we had to money to do anything else. We always played as teammates; she'd ram the goalie and I'd shoot n score lol... well maybe that was NHL 92? By the time 94 came out, we couldn't ram the invincible goalies anymore, so we got pretty good at the one-timer. Anyways, I'm looking forward to getting involved in the community here, maybe even learn how to edit the game. That sounds pretty fun! -matt
  8. Hey guys, where can I find the place to download the 2020 teams & rosters? Thanks! -matt
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