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  1. @smozoma Is this the updated link? https://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502/
  2. More of a retroarch thing than NHL94, but you can save yourself about 1 min of watching pucks wiz by if you do these simple steps PER ROM. Things you will need to know how to do to do this. 1. You need to know where retroarch saves its states. 2. You need to know how to change the file extension of a file in Winblows or MAC. Basically you have to enable viewing file extensions in Winblows explorer or maybe in MAC's Finder thingy? Here is a good starting google search if your having problems below. Steps to take per rom. 1. Launch the rom and get to the state where you are selecting the teams after all the pucks fly by. 2. Save the state and note the saved state #. 3. Now open explorer if using windows (finder if using mac I think) and browse to wherever your saved states go. 4. Assuming your saved state # is 1 and the rom name is NHL94.smc then the saved state filename we want to autoload every time is NHL94.state1 5. Right Click on the NHL94.state1 and choose rename. Give the file this name NHL94.state.auto (basically you are removing the numerical value at end of state and adding another period and the word auto) Then you only have to do this once in retroarch. Settings->Saving->Auto Load State and change that to on. Now test it. Close the rom and re open it and it should take you to the start page. Hint: If you always play 5 min, penalties off, onsides on etc... Save the state after those are set the way you want them. Here are a couple before and after screenshots from when I renamed them if that helps anyone.
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