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  1. the main problem with using the tsb2000 manager is they drop your kickers attributes to 6-19 in their kicking stats. i know of nearly 20 years of using it.
  2. well i would like you to send it out drunken_1. there are certain players sim data i have wanted to fix up like gary clark for an example.
  3. yeah we need more love for the genesis tsb games. i would love to see some hack tools for the genesis tsb and tsb 2(if its possible) with simulation editing to similar to the nes/snes tsb tool. i often wish the three year mode on tsb for genesis/snes was like tsb 2 with each different roster for each year. i even wish they had continued three year mode with tsb 3. i know onthe snes about the trick to get the players you want thru the create a player trick but it would be nice if someone can find a way to remove the trade restricts to make trading easier similar to the genesis version.