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  1. those roms dont match the official tsb games that were release during those periods. i copy mine from the official games that were released on those consoles back in the day(attributes,players etc...)with exception of the generic names. added to the fact that the roms for 95 and 96 dont have a 30 team rom, as its only 28 or 32 teams mostly
  2. making a 1991,1992 and 1994 rom would be great too for tsb 1 on genesis using the roster and attributes from the tsb games of nes and the tsb 2 genesis. im working on that as a nes project. so far i have completed tsb 92 and 93 but still working to finish 94 and i want to do the same for the 95 and 96 roms for nes coping the data from tsb 3 and tsb psx but due to the lack of a 30 team rom i hit a wall for now. i thought about using the 32 team rom and using two teams as free agents and the hall of fame greats for 95 but the 8 divisions is the thing that is keeping me from going thru with it. the 92 and 93 roms will need some polish for the simulation data more so 92 since 93 i pretty much copied from its tsb snes version.
  3. the main problem with using the tsb2000 manager for tsb3 genesis is they drop your kickers attributes to 6-19 in their kicking stats after exporting. i know of over 20 years of using it.
  4. well i would like you to send it out drunken_1. there are certain players sim data i have wanted to fix up like gary clark for an example.
  5. yeah we need more love for the genesis tsb games. i would love to see some hack tools for the genesis tsb and tsb 2(if its possible) with simulation editing to similar to the nes/snes tsb tool. i often wish the three year mode on tsb for genesis/snes was like tsb 2 with each different roster for each year. i even wish they had continued three year mode with tsb 3. i know onthe snes about the trick to get the players you want thru the create a player trick but it would be nice if someone can find a way to remove the trade restricts to make trading easier similar to the genesis version.
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