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  1. They are a really cool idea... They remind me of the punk fanzines of my youth, written on a typewriter, photocopied in the local chemist and stapled together by hand. I'll be honest, I'm not an online player of this awesome game, but I do like to try to keep up with the league and results... I'm not going to pretend and say I have any useful knowledge - at all -, to offer... (Well, nothing that someone with far more experience and know-how couldn't tell you. In far more detail...) But, I can write a fairly passable article... I mean, if you want some added input or help, I'd do what I c
  2. This is actually a really good idea, especially for the, "I like to have a solid copy of any information," type, as I am... If these were available each month, I think I would print them off.
  3. THANK YOU... I really hope you do, it's a fantastic idea. And what a great and valuable resource it would make!
  4. I just found the site, do you think you'll have any plans of finishing it off? I mean, I've read what was already there and honestly, it looks as though it was shaping up to really be something useful and could really go some way to creating more competition. For anyone who's interested.
  5. I'm not on any social media, I am on the discord, but I don't really engage, because until recently I couldn't get discord to work right. I don't play online tournaments, because I doubt I'm good enough... I watch the gameplay, but I'm just a console gamer and a big fan of '94, generally. I swear, I thought I'd done that... It's done now... I think! Ah, who has this year?!
  6. AGREED! I had to go with m'boy, dantml... Besides having a tendency to go with the underdog... Out of everybody that makes this community what it is, dantml is the guy, who's YouTube channel keeps a non-online-player, like myself, up to date with tournament game play.
  7. May I be the first to thank dantml and King of 94 for their recent "Classic League," uploads, on YouTube! As someone who doesn't really do Twitch, and I find discord too busy and confusing, it's fantastic to be able to watch the classic league matches, on a comfortable platform. With the exception of Smash64 and GoldenEye Speedrunning, '94 is the only gameplay I watch. Largely due to reasons of boredom, (also, non interest), so, it's great for a non-competitive player, like myself, to be able to still keep up with the league games. Thank You, dantml and King of 94. (Both of whom
  8. That "Gretzky - Hat trick" model is fantastic. What is it? where is it from? I have to know, damn you...!
  9. Speaking as a decorated veteran of the Great Console War, of the early 90's, it would have been a cold day in hell, during the conflict, when I would have agreed with this statement. The dedicated 12 year old, I was, would have called you a "retarded-spaz," (you were allowed to, back then), for not recognizing the superiority of the SNES. But, now, in my more mature years, I fully endorse this message of peace. I urge everyone of my brothers and sisters to do the same, we fought our war, but that war is over now... I, like my fellow Soldiers of SNES once took pride in knowing we cam
  10. Yup, my missus is definitely good people, but "whale" is going a bit far... I mean, she likes her Pringles and Doritos, but that's just the munchies. And, yes, what you're thinking is correct... No, she won't ever read this!
  11. I have to be honest and say, despite all the great combinations of team match ups, Chicago-Detroit is certainly the most fun. Both teams are just in god-mode. I always play Detroit... And by "always play Detroit," I mean, EVER SINCE AUGUST CHICAGO CAN GO f**k THEMSELVES... Umm, sorry 'bout that, what I meant to say was, yeah Chicago doesn't really "gel" with me, even with Roenick... Yzerman like a ma'facka! (Also, while I'm here, f**k DOMINIK KUBALIK TOO!) Okay, I'm done, I'm going to lie down, for a bit...
  12. My Missus has a tendency to play as the sharks or Hartford... When she plays as SA, I'll take Ottawa - worst goal-tending in the game. When she's Hartford, I've always found my Oilers to be a fair match up, but I also have a tendency to go for the nineties vibe with Quebec.
  13. I only realised after writing, I could have written it as "c**t." I'm not used to censoring my cursing. So far, I have realised, I can get away with Motherfucker, tittyfucking and, now, cunty... Without the use of the last one, my vocabulary would literally be halved, so I owe you an enormous thank you for that one! Oh yes, I've met one or two Aussies, and if there was ever a nation that values this, oh so sacred word, it's them. I've read posts on here that are censored and I didn't realise it was done automatically... Really, it's a good thing, I'll just have to get more creative with
  14. Right, I don't play online and I know f**k all about modding, but I can, at least, get in on this... My first experience with video games came with Super Mario Bros, on the NES, way back in 1987. It was my Christmas present for that year. Despite being a kid who was into comics, sci-fi, Planet of the Apes and Godzilla films, (an expected natural video game addict), it wouldn't be until a few years later, with Duck Tales, that I came to appreciate just how fantastic the NES was/still is. I later received Chip 'n Dale the following year and, (as a SNES was out of the price range of my paren
  15. Will there be Youtube videos of this tournament?
  16. I have a copy of Donkey Kong Country with a sticker of Snap, (of Snap, Crackle and Pop fame), on it, if anyone is interested... Guys...? Guys??
  17. I might be wrong, but I don't think this is the place for custom cartridges... A fully updated NHL roster cartridge would be fantastic, though. I'd love a chance to beat the Nashville Predators on 94.
  18. Just out of curiosity, I have spent about two hours trying to hit that sweet-spot... I know for a fact, I hit it a ton of times, I got 2 glass breaking animations. I have probably broke the glass more times, just playing regular games, than I have when actually going for it. I feel that it's about 30% accuracy and about 70% pure luck.
  19. Thank You, for this. I finally have Gretzky, as Gretzky should be.
  20. I watched the premiere and watched it a second time, to catch what I had missed, due to my missus yapping to her sister on the phone. (And then played 94 for an hour, when I should have been taking the dog for a walk...) That moment when Mikey*, shed a tear, at the first edition, was actually pretty touching. Also, The Zambonis friggin' rock... I searched them up on YT and they've got quite a range, musically. Being a blues and (outlaw) country fan, I love "I'm A Puck"... That is some kicking, oldskool Rockabilly right there. Great stuff! *I refrained from typing "Kermit.
  21. This was the first hockey game I ever played, I thought it was fantastic before I played 94... It certainly isn't the best game around, but it does still hold enough of a charm that I'll return to it, every so often, for a day or two. Personally, I ALWAYS play this with volume muted. It's got nothing on 94, or NHL Stanley Cup (Super Hockey to us Euro-Trash), but it was a (fairly) decent attempt at a hockey game.
  22. Okay, I won't lie here... I love the SNES, (Nintendo generally), but, this is one of the VERY few games, that make me envious of Genesis/Megadrive players/owners. I've never played MLH but knowing that it has the 94 engine, and watching YouTube videos of gameplay, really makes this game appealing to me. Even as a kid, way before I got into hockey, this game always looked fun to ten year old me.
  23. I'm not an online player, the missus and I have foregone having kids, she is far from boring, I'm already skating, rapidly, towards forty and I've been playing '94, for around fifteen years. Only having found this community, less than, a week ago, I can safely say... I'm here for the long haul.
  24. It's got to be said... This is an absolutely fascinating thread, it really satisfies my data gathering side. Honestly, thank you for the work you've put into this. Although, the blue, red and green graphs send my eye's a little weird... Like sitting to close to the T.V., during Thundercats, when I was a kid...
  25. I honestly can't wait to be a low-key "Krakhead..." The Needle, Krakheads, the Krak House - I mean, you've gotta give it to Seattle, for their self-awareness.