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  1. Are you even human? Thanks for all the content! As far as I know, PS1 hacking is kind of a burden due to the sizes expected for each iso, that's why hacks and fantranslations of PS1 games are not as common, if it wasn't the case I'm sure there would have been updated rosters for the EA sport games on there already. On romhacking dot net, there's a guy working on updating the roster for PS1 NBA Jam, so it's possible, just messy.
  2. Agree on both of those! Triple Play also, and, this may sound sacrilegious to some, but I would love to see updates to NHL98 someday, if possible. I love the sprites and animation on the latter NHL offerings on Genesis.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the constant roster updates!
  4. That's great! I hope you could do a similar edit for the 2021 (95) one, also by UltraMagnus.
  5. Even though somebody may be doing a better update to TSB3 at the moment, I'm sharing this I made for myself. This roms are based on the yearly releases from Fernando49 that were on the defunct tborg site, updated with the rosters from Sblueman's 2020 week one TSB NES rom, with me filling the gaps on the missing players and attributes when doing the transition to TSB3. Two roms, one with Ravens and Browns and the other with Titans and Texans in their place. (This are not the same as the ones I shared on other thread) Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition 2020 [Browns - Ravens] (Hack).smc Te
  6. Thanks to UltraMagnus guide, I ported the updated data from his genesis rom to a pair of TSBIII SNES roms by Fernando49 that already had logos updated. Fernando49's roms came in two variants, one with Browns - Ravens and the other replacing those teams with Texans - Titans. I also updated Ravens and Titans which were not featured on the genesis rom, but sadly Washington Footbal Team's logo remains as Redskins, as I lack the knowledge to replace the graphic. Feel free to check them and fix my mistakes, as I'm a noob at this, so there may be some. Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition 2
  7. Don't worry, I have been there lately myself. Take your time, what you have done already seems fantastic, I'm exited to see the project finished regardless of when it's done.