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  1. Ahhhhh.. that's what I get for being a Gens n00b! Learn something new everyday. Gotta say though- this modded ROM is a ton of fun and I might slowly be converting to Gens play.
  2. @Sauce I might've run into a bug, or maybe it's just me, but when I at the startup screen and Dmitry Orlov's player card comes up the ROM freezes and requires a restart. I replicated the issue three times to be sure.
  3. Tell you what- these Genesis hacks might be what it takes to stop playing SNES. The amount of time you guys are putting into these mods deserves it! Question- do you (or others) change/modify the in-game sound effects? That's primary why I don't play Genesis versions; they drive me crazy.
  4. That’s how I got here! Been playing 94 on console for that last 25 years and never knew there was an online community until someone mentioned it in EA’s Twitter announcement for Rewind. No need to buy 2021 when you can get it here!
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