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  1. Hey naples39, don't know if you remember me from the 90s "deadline" ROMs, but I'm glad to see you're still modding NHL 94! I myself have moved onto NHL 2004 modding so I'm not around as much as I used to be. I liked what I saw in the 2016 preview and am excited that you have taken on modern NHL updates. I will definitely be adding this to my play time rotation between NHL 2004 mods and NHL Legacy, so thank you for your continued work!
  2. Not until playoffs start so the match ups can be added.
  3. You mentioned copying-and-pasting whole rinks instead of editing individual parts. Was that an easy process, or did you have to edit the hex code? I ask because the Vancouver 2010 ROM has the exact rink I want, besides having ice tiles in the bench areas and lacking the goal light as in your deadline ROMs. I'm wondering if I could implement that into a ROM without having to do too much puzzle-piecing together. And if so, would I have to re-edit the bench areas and goal light, or can I just copy over the ice tiles alone? Here's a link to the Vancouver ROM:
  4. Say I want to take a rink with the half-moon crease, like this: And put in the updated face off dots and inner hash marks like this: How can I achieve this? I've tried reading the reference topics like ( and ( and (, but I'm still not clear on how to edit the rink tiles and get this done. I tried brute-forcing it, but when I tried using Tile Layer Pro, I ran into a problem.
  5. I figured it had something to do with the clockwise sprite hack, because I don't remember seeing it in the older ROMs. Oh well, acceptable price to pay for more accurate uniforms. Do you also know how to edit the face off dots? I want to try and get the hash marks in the 97 ROM as they are in the 99 ROM. I noticed that if you do the reverse angle replay, the 99-style goal crease and face off circles appear, so they must be stored in the ROM somewhere. I haven't had any luck searching for it so far, but I'll try again later. EDIT: Found some topics on rink tile editing. It is quite...demandin
  6. Do you know why the benches in some ROMs like the 97 deadline have different colors? Any idea what their colors are connected to, palette-wise?
  7. *facepalm* I didn't realize the zip file contained the screenshots, I thought it was just for Tile Molester program.
  8. Where are the offsets and palettes for the menu and ice logos?
  9. I just wish those Tile Molester reference screenshots from Wboy were still available somewhere. I'm having a difficult time finding all the palettes I need for editing the Genesis ROM graphics.
  10. Thanks for the text file, I really appreciate your willingness to share it. Trying to edit logos on my own and getting the All-Star teams up and running gave me a new appreciation and respect for you, and all of the people who take the time to make custom ROMs and share them with the community.
  11. Well there you go, a 97 deadline ROM with the Fisherman logo, right from the man himself! CoachMac, for startup logos the first offset is at 001C85B8, canvas size 6x6 tiles, and the palette for the first logo is at offset 1868270. When you pick out the right colors for that first logo, click the arrow at the bottom to move to the palette for the second logo. naples39, while you're here, can you help me with the All-Star teams in the 97 deadline? I've got the rosters and lines set, I just need to get the player cards for the starting lineups right. All of the player photos are in the ROM and
  12. Well if you're still interested, I've learned how to edit the startup logos, so I attached an edited version of naples39's 97 deadline ROM v4 with the fisherman logo, just for you. EDIT: naples39 has the logo in his ROMs now, so check the post below for a link to his thread.
  13. A job well done. They all look great!
  14. Yeah, you definitely have to forgo accuracy in favor of aesthetics in some cases. For instance, the Los Angeles ice in 1994 was a blank circle, which would be pretty boring in-game. So even though the logo wasn't there in real-life, I'd leave the Kings logo in-game because it beats having nothing there. And you mentioned the resolution problem for anniversary logos. Washington is definitely the worst one, but I think New York's 25th anniversary works pretty well. St. Louis and Boston are somewhere in the middle. I think the Northlands Coliseum logo could work for Edmonton if you remove the te
  15. Heads up: The 94 ROM seems to have some issues with the goalie handedness. Also, did the 97 Deadline have the all-star rosters from NHL 98? I might try getting the all-star teams up and playable, but I'll probably need to correct the rosters and the team banners.