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  1. Smoz congrats I'm glad chaos evil dictatorship is now over
  2. I'm thinking we start a go fund me get weapons and force ea to program it
  3. Bud of the year has been coopted by foreign special interest for years ......I will not sign off on this result until EA head office is raided
  4. Nhl21 or 94 is free once u jailbreak ps4 no worries sheeple the fuhrer will figure it out and share his knowledge with the lemmings
  5. Nice work was hoping to recreate the kawhi moment maybe next release!
  6. Chaos u better off giving tutorials on how to hack a ps4 so we can get some new blood
  7. Kgman would smash anyone alive on ps4 when he gets a free one for Christmas then hacks nhl21! F the system
  8. Word is kgman discovered a manual gc hack that makes him unbeatable in nhl95 and u losers are lucky that covid ended the Toronto 2020 tournament
  9. The only thing on rewind is ea cash registers ... They probably getting stimulus money to destroy this community .....nhl94 should be open source and ea communist should burn in hell