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  1. My Q is just asking how a noob modder (like me) could grab anyone's edited ROM and create a list of all the necessary OFFSET locations to be able to make their desired graphic edits without having to request the assistance of the original modder. If I have the ROM (bin) open in one of the modding tools (like TM or TilePRO etc) and find what looks like a team logo (albeit, all jumbled up), is there someway to point to the first tile in that logo and get the offset id so it doesn't looks so garbled and I can make a clean copy-pasta edit to that specific sprite? This is what I'm requesting: How can a noob (without direct help from the original modder) figure out OFFSET ID/location/etc of an in-game graphic/sprite in an edited NHL94 ROM? What is the process or tool or etc a noob can use to gather their own list of OFFSETs for a ROM? I'm asking these questions here in the open forum so future noobs like me don't fill up your inbox with the same Qs/requests again if they have the same ideas as me.
  2. I 100% appreciate all of your help. I was just asking the community on how some noob like me could identify OFFSET locations in someone else's modded ROM without their direct help. In other words: If you got hit by a bus and got sent to the shadow realm, then could no longer offer the OFFSETs for your edited ROM, how would someone be able to find out all of those OFFSETs in your ROM? Is there some sort of tool or process a noob could use to find out these IDs?
  3. How can OFFSET IDs (for team selection logos, banners, etc) be found in an edited ROM? I'm editing @Sauce 's NHL2021 ROM to switch out the Seattle Kraken with my own local beer league team, the Orlando Fireants. I've made a bit of progress thanks to his (and other's) direct help, but I'd prefer to quit bugging him every time I have a Q about his ROM. Baby steps: I've used Tile Molester, TilePRO, Nose, and HxD tools to make my ROM edits. But to find specific OFFSET locations in the ROM to make graphic edits, I have no idea how to find those OFFSET IDs other than to ask Sauce each time about it. Thanks Sin
  4. Quick question about doing a "Paste From": 1) My imported image has bright reds and dark blacks 2) but when I paste it into the ROM (bin) it lightens up and is faded out. Why is this happening? Any ideas?
  5. GOT IT! I was making the mistake of opening my logo as a separate file instead of "PASTE FROM" the file! Wooo! Thanks everyone. Edit: NOPE. I pasted the image over the Kraken logo, save a new bin, and nothing changed. The Kraken logo remained when i re-open the bin file in TM. Then, a weird thing happens when I try to run the new bin in the KEGA Fusion emulator... it ignores the new file and just plays the old one (like it didn't accept a corrupt bin and played the last working bin.)
  6. Okay, so in Sauce's NHL21 bin, he has the Seattle Kraken logo set to a 6:4 format: But when I bring in either of my two logos, they're too big for the 6x4 format.
  7. When I bring my logo (48x48 24-bit BMP) into TM, then update the Codec to 24 bpp RGB (888), the image is distorted, but the colors are correct. I've played with a bunch of settings and also tried to save my edited logo in a 6:4 format, but same issues when bringing that version into TM as well. FireAntsLogo.bmp FireAntsLogo64.bmp
  8. So, when I bring my edited team selection logo in to TM, it's all funky. I thought team selection logos were 6x6?
  9. Oh wait, motorola. Okay then. Now it looks better.
  10. @Sauce I followed your directions and I'm still completely lost... 1) Opened up the edited bin in NOSE and recorded the decimal value for the home jersey. 2) Opened up the edited bin in TM and changed the pallette values as suggested: 3) Everything turns purple. Wut....
  11. I appreciate the responses, but I am completely lost. The video tutorials on this site don't function any more, because Flash is deprecated. Maybe i'll search the youtubes for current tutorials... Sorry to be a complete noob. It's quite embarrassing that I used to program USAF radar systems and now I can't figure this stuff out.
  12. I'm a bit lost between steps 6 and 7. I've opened up my NHL bin in TM, but it looks like absolute garbled crap. Only 4 colors. I have no idea how to find the Seattle Kraken logo I want to replace. See attached. FireAntsLogo.bmp
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