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  1. This is exactly what EA should have done. A "champion edition" then again we all know EA is devoid of any original thinking. I love what you did here. I'm currently building a mini Gen game roster and this is definitely going it there. I had thought of this idea, but my version started with the 83 Islanders, and moved forward to present from there. I would have put in the 94 Canucks with Trevor Linden and Pavel Bure for sure. But this is close enough to that dream. The only thing I don't like is the score box on the lower right corner which shows the year (which isn't necessary) then letter or
  2. OK you guys definitely know your stuff. I was perusing the official 1989 Megadrive/Genesis software guide and came across a few tidbits that relate to this. I took some screenshots. It seems to me that its also possible to change the display scroll window size and dimensions. It would make sense since they would want to have the capability to render and display a vertical game (like a shooter). They mention that in the manual. Although I don't believe sega made any vertical (display) games for the genesis, although maybe they did in Japan. But such games wouldn't display properly unless p
  3. Hey guys I have a mod request that if actually done, would be kinda mind blowing. I've been working on various hardware mods on the genesis and have come across tons of info from various sites on the graphical output of the system and the games. Even though the system outputs 240p, it can also out put 480i. This is demonstrated in sonic and knuckles for split screen. BUT the image is squished into 4/3 even though if displayed correctly would be sorta a 16/9 but vertically. I was thinking it may actually be possible to display NHL94 or any of them in 480i and also edit the resolution outpu