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  1. Hi, I'm having problems just getting the centre ice logos in the initial bin to display as everyone else seems to see them. I've chosen 4bpp but the icons show as in the image 6x4 with various split lines making it really difficult to get the right mapping in the game (because when I paste the image on top of it it renders it in the game with the same "split" locations, leaving the centre ice image similarly fragmented). Any ideas on getting the images to appear without the interlacing (or whatever it is?) - or what might be causing it to appear like this - I've tested with two different unedited bins so it's not any editing I've already done, and none of the other codecs provide anything close to this view - but it doesn't seem to do for me what it does in the guidance. EDIT: guessing it's because I'm not using the 30 team ROM - will try that instead. SECOND EDIT: it does it for all my ROMs.
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