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  1. I noticed something in regards to the '93 games and them not working on Mega Everdrive for a Native Sega Genesis. Both '93 rom hacks are 1mb and the original nhlpa '93 is 512k in memory if I am not mistaken. I think the Genesis is having a hard time registering the difference in memory between the base game and the modified game. I also noticed a similar issue w/ the ps2 version of nhl94, since that game is 2mb, and the original game is 1mb. Is there a way to modify memory to it's original state in the hex editor? This is not a confirmed root cause, but I noticed that discrepancy.
  2. Already downloaded the roms. Great Job as always!
  3. Un modded NHLPA '93 does indeed work on the EverdriveX3, with the exception of not being able to save since there is no EEPROM feature on the cart. It is a known issue in the Everdrive forums. The 30/32 team mods seem to be what are giving issues for the Everdrive. My guess is that the Mod or adding more teams messes with the memory or the storage in some way, and the native sega genesis cannot process it.
  4. I absolutely love this series of romhacks. Keep up the great work! '91 and '94 CE are my personal favorites. I play these on a MegaEverdriveX3 in my office, and I love the attention to detail of the sprite work. I would love to play the '93 romhacks, but for some reason '93 romhacks are not able to play on a native Sega Genesis (BlackScreen). I am aware that it is a known issue, and I've been looking into how to fix that via Google, and playing around with the Hex code, but no luck. I am able to play the '93 games via emulator (Gens), but I cannot emphasize how much I would love to play '93 ro
  5. Great Job naples39, I love the artwork that you put into your rom hacks. I have noticed however that Patrick Marleau is listed at a Righty in your romhacks. He is a Lefty IRL, and I know modding rosters and getting the right info correct through hundreds of players is very tedious. I have fixed his hand placement in the roms that I have downloaded via Hex workshop. I just wanted to let you know that this is an on going issue in your Roms. Keep up the great work.