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  1. Cheers man. I think that will do it!
  2. As a followup on what I just posted, It would really make my day if anyone actually provide the typeface for nhl94, if there´s soeone who actually have it? At the moment im re-drawing it in Illustrator and its a bit timedemanding Cheers magnus
  3. Hello dear friends and associates Since i study graphic design Ive decided to design a nhl94 fanzine for my friends at our annual nhl94 tournament 2005. Its going down the 18th of December in a secret location in stockholm Sweden. Its going to be a magical evening! people have already tried to bribe me to secure their favourite team. anyway. I would very much appreciate if someone could email me the SNES rink image in fullsize= great quality! Magnus Bure ps. By the way, if anyone are interested, I could produce more fanzines than to my friends if anyone would be interested in buying them