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  1. Rosters updated... NFL Blitz 2022.bps
  2. I think the order is this: LT C RT QB RB WR TE LDE LDT/NT RDE S SLB LCB RCB K
  3. @UltraMagnuswould love to see screenshots or anything you have. My concern was if the WR/RB/TE would be out of position for the play. For example, RB lined up outside for long post route instead of behind QB.
  4. @HenryYou would need a PC to use the tools. How does Madden handle this? Don't they use last years stats? I'd be open to doing another evaluation maybe halfway through the season or before the playoffs or something like that.
  5. @UltraMagnus I notice on some teams the roster player order has some positions switched. Is there a standard to have RB/WR/TE in that order? Defense seems to be all over the map, too.
  6. These are team numbers and not individual player values. Passing and Rushing rankings are based off previous year passing and rushing yard per team. I don't see a compelling case for an increase, but feel free to elaborate. Maybe the individual player luck attribute can take into account an increase. It's a pretty simple change in the Roster Manager if you want to customize this.
  7. Here's my team evaluation if you want to take a look. I made the rankings based on last year stats from different sources with parody matching the original game from 2000 +zoinkity's Houston values. Open to feedback and you can easily modify these when released. Individual player luck values not yet evaluated. No idea what the luck values mean to this game. Anyone know? Lineman rating is based off previous year sacks allowed, but many teams have new lineman for the upcoming season.
  8. @UltraMagnushttps://discord.gg/SBUeYUAb
  9. @UltraMagnus @Henry care to join me on the N64 discord to discuss rosters and rankings?
  10. I also made the Steelers helmet logo blank on the left side.
  11. I've replaced Redskins with Washington Football team graphics and updating a few other city name changes. Matched the Texans helmet to the others as well. Not done with my graphics changes. Nothing is broken so far.
  12. @UltraMagnus After some extensive testing, I have a file that works, but I'm not sure what causes the problem with your version. I used the Big Endian Blitz 2000 Rev A rom and applied the zoinkity bps patch. This has the Texans. I then used the roster manager to import your roster from a saved xml file. Then I inserted the 3 graphics files blitztit, blitzlog, and nf_bg. I do see you have the file saved as nfbg, but I'm not able to reproduce the problem on my ROM with either name. I'm not sure what the issue is, but the file you included here has a defect with some teams playing against the NY Giants.
  13. I'm getting some inconsistent results. Sometimes it loads and sometimes not. It seems to never work with my Season save file. Maybe it's an issue with the NY Giants and/or Grass Field on Night Stadium/Old Night Stadium. It freezes in this scenario sometimes even without the roster edit.
  14. @UltraMagnus I found a strange bug or possibly a user error when updating the roster. It seems after following the steps (for example to replace Rivers with Wentz) everything works fine, except only when your opponent is the NY Giants, the game will freeze at the Midway logo and not start the game. Any idea what's going on?