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  1. Thanks, Dominik! Beginning a new season gave me the option of erasing all the changes made to the rosters and lineups. The previous owners had steroided the Canadiens and Nordiques beyond recognition.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, von Ozbourme! If you can do it on the Genesis that means they also implemented a code to do it on the SNES. Hopefully one of you know that code. I'd try to brute force my way into finding the code myself, unfortunately, my reset button died several years back, so if the code involve the reset button I'll have to perform it on my friend's SNES. I'm a bit iffy about pressing reset during the "DO NOT PRESS RESET!" message. Speedrunners searching for glitches in Pokemon Red/Blue found out that you can brick cartridges by doing that.
  3. Hello! I bought NHL95 for the SNES last weekend. The good news is the battery still works and the cart keep saves. However, the custom players from the previous owners are still on the cartridge and I have no idea if they've made all sort of crazy trades or changed the team lineups. Is there a way to reset the cartridge to its factory settings to clear the saved data, just like you could on Super Mario Kart by pressing L+A+R+Y on the title screen? Or will I have to verify every single team and lineup and manually undo all the changes made one by one? While on the subject, I also intend to acquire NHL 96, 97 and 98 for the SNES at some point in the future. Is there an option in the settings to clear the saved data on those? If not can you tell me what buttons to press in order to do so for each games? Thanks in advance for your answers! :>
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