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  1. I am a fan of Czech hockey, so I stay with Czech 1st and 2nd league.
  2. Wow, you made really great work.. Thumbs up
  3. It is probably the best way how to do it. And I can use the Western Conference for the 2nd league teams. Otherwise, what are you editing? Only database, or you will made logos, jerseys, etc.? I hope Ivan Hlinka will be the best player in your mod
  4. Thank you, it's a good idea. But that means there is no way to run league with only 14 teams?
  5. Hello guys. I am trying to make a new project with Czech Hockey League 20/21 into NHL95. Using the Jed03 for editing jerseys, no problem. For db edit I use wnhlinfo. Is there any way how to lower teams in the league from 26 to 14? Thanks