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  1. This is great info, thanks again for the responses. I am making decent progress with the update and it's due in no small part to the research you've posted! Much appreciated man.
  2. So I was right in my assumption I changed the above entry for Hartford to Carolina and it changes the actual menu display name, this isn't exactly what I was going for, but it's something I was looking to change anyways so that's progress Now I'm just trying to figure out how to set any of the post 94 teams ice to the all-stars so that they don't render the logos. I'm effectively trying to make a "base" rom hack that can be used going forward to update the lines so it can basically just be roster updates every year
  3. Ah that makes sense, this is a headerless rom I believe. Is there a reason you'd use a headered rom over a headerless? Here is what I'm seeing in my headerless rom when I searched for Anaheim as the text, I'd assume this is probably the same offsets since there is only one other text entry match for team names and it's the rosters. That said, the actual hex itself looks to be different too. I'm not using a basic rom, I'm using one that I've edited already with modern rosters and it was headerless to begin with so that may explain a lot. This to me looks more like the team names as opposed to the ice though, like what would actually display in the menu maybe? I'm very new to rom hacking this rom so I could be completely off base on this, so I appreciate you even replying to begin with.
  4. So unless I'm out of it, none of these offsets match for me, even in an original NHL 94 rom using HxD and using the go to function to find the offsets. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but if anyone has ideas, I'd be happy to try and work out a base rom to be used with blanked out logos and proper team names, like Hartford swapped to Carolina and Quebec swapped to Colorado.
  5. Zeno

    Editor v0.8.1

    Anyone know how the playoff format works in this editor? Also, if we change a team name for example I changed Hartford to Carolina, is there any way to actually alter the name int he menu or the logo, or is that beyond this editors capabilities? I'm looking to make a 2022 Rom, just trying to setup the basics first using this and the other editor combined.
  6. Zeno

    SNES 94 Rewind

    Great job, this looks cool, I'm working on a similar project and using a lot of the same stats from rewind
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