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  1. Looks like random text on the far right... Can you please clarify and specify!?!?
  2. The "Offset Hex"... Isn't that for the text, NOT pictures!?!?
  3. Do you at least remember exactly how it was done step-by-step!?!?
  4. Again, the 30-team ROM shuffles things around a bit... I don't want to assign data to the wrong place... YKWIM!?!?
  5. @chaos @smozoma @Brutus @kingraph I give up... I can't do it... I can't figure the hex codes for the right players... Part of the problem is that the players NOR teams are given NO names in the 30-team ROM... It would have made it easier to do something with it... The XLS file offers NO clues whatsoever!!! NHL94 Cards Hex.xls
  6. Don't I need to rip the sound file from the ROM though!?!?
  7. Is this that message!?!? And if so, how would I transfer the files and in what format!?!?
  8. Which team in the XLS is Detroit and how would I know which player is which!?!?
  9. Suppose I just want to swap music in NHL '94 with music from NHLPA '93!?!?
  10. How would I do that!?!? What are the hex codes for the Detroit Red Wings roster in the Genesis version of NHL '94!?!? By the way, I'm using Tile Molester...
  11. Is there a way to replace music and sounds from NHL '94 with NHLPA '93 -- the Genesis versions!?!?
  12. Slowly figured it out... However, how would I add new pictures to those players unlisted (without their own portraits)!?!?
  13. I figured that part out... But how would I add new pictures to players without their own portraits!?!?
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