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  1. On 5/22/2021 at 1:37 PM, Sauce said:

    Thanks for downloading it! 

    I have never played that mode (at least, for playoffs) and haven't noticed or heard of this bug.  I suspect the answer is no.  There was a lot of re-work/re-arranging of the code, to this file, to make it accommodate 32 teams.  As we have begun to notice, over the last couple of years, any fixes to one bug could create a new one.  So, not worth it.  Sorry.  

    Hi. I forgot to mention it appears to be a bug in the original game. There is a thread about it here where someone proposes using Game Genie codes to fix it, but I have not had luck using them. I only recently ran into it on your ROM while running a playoffs with two players. I was hoping it was fixable with code.

    BTW, I love your mod. I've played about 40+ games with this and your previous end-of-season version.

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