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  1. Believe me, I am a huge believer in the SNES's tech. After a slow start, the amazing work on games like Street Fighter II (with no custom mode 7 chips or tricks) showed that it was undeniably more powerful. That said, playing both versions one right after the other in RetroArch, I have to give it to the Genesis version. There's something to be said for being the prime sku for EA Sports titles at that time. While (at least in the RetroArch emulator) the genesis version appears slightly blurry in comparison to the SNES version, the fluidity of play, those frames that are not missing make a huge difference for a game filled with rapid decision-making and chains of 'micro' moments. Back in the day I never owned a Genesis, but it was clear even back then as a kid that getting the port of the main game led to some loss of quality. Now I want to try 95, to see if the SNES iteration improved on that gap of fluidity but I have my doubts based on the marketing strategies at the time with EA and SEGA.