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  1. Hello, So since the original Site is back up, will updates on the project continue again specifically on there? Thank you. Stay safe
  2. Hm, that project sounds interesting. Hope it all goes well! In the meantime, can't wait to see how TSB4 turns out, and I'll be sure to give it a try when it does get released.
  3. That sounds pretty siick. I don't know how I entirely feel about the design overall being different, as I want to enjoy what I'm used to, but a SNES Game with a 32 Team update sounds really cool. Cannot wait until it gets released. Any idea when it should be ready by? Or is it too early to know?
  4. Hang on, I'm really interesed in your project about adding an additional 2 Teams to Tecmo Super Bowl 3. But I am confused as it is a part of a thread about Tecmo Super Bowl IV, which appears to be a fan project. Is the idea of adding 2 Teams to TSB3 a part of IV, or is it its own separate project. If it is, I am very interested. It's always been my dream to play Tecmo Super Bowl III with all 32 Teams and updates Helmets and Logos.