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  1. I didn't think it was available as a standalone game but it is now. Did download 94 on my PC but I don't really use it for game so great to have it on my console. I'm absolutely loving it, I really hope they update the rosters at some point (provide retro ones) and online game play.
  2. Yeah I do, Cardiff Devils are the Islanders are my two teams.. I have got the PS4 controller working and having great fun, I'm rubbish at the game but will try online in the future at some point.
  3. Firstly, thanks so much for making these updates possible. I currently have the NHL 21 version, how do I get the latest. Also, what is the stamina hack?
  4. Thanks for replying. I'm a Devils fan btw... As for NHL 94, I've downloaded the app to DS4Windows programme and it seems my controller is connected (I don't really play PS4 much these days, so I have a spare controller). The problem I'm having, is when I go to change the settings on the emulator, it's not letting me assign any buttons and just giving me keyboard options. I've watched the instruction video on YouTube and I can see it show instructs you to confirm different buttons but I'm just getting keyboard key options, if I press on them with keyboard it just changes them to a question mark and back.
  5. Hi, I followed the guide to download a while ago but I just can't get into playing on the keyboard. Ideally, I don't really want to buy a new controller, will my PS4 controller worked? It's connected to my computer but nothing is happening. Any help much appreciated. PS: It'll be a while before you see my online as I'm terrible, but I'll keep chipping away and hope one day I can make the major's!
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