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  1. I am very very New at editing so I am taking my first shot at it with NHLPA 93 since I do not know how to do logos plus the league I am making is the defunct UHL which fighting is a must lol. I was wondering where is an appropriate spot to post any questions I may have. I did post my question under an NHLPA 93 topic but I saw a lot of posts and replies from there were from years ago. The main issue I am having is no matter how many times I read the tutorials I can not figure out how to change the team names on the banners at the selection screen.
  2. It's been awhile since I been on here and I had to make a new account so please bare with me if I am posting in the wrong spot. I am trying to mod for the first time ever and I am using NHLPA 93 because it has fighting and the league I am creating was notorious for fights. I pretty much figured out everything from the great tutorials on this forum. However if anyone can help me. Despite how many times I looked and read the tutorials I can not figure out how to edit the Team Banners in the team selection screen. I do not need to really change a lot of colors, I mainly need to change the text. Like Example I took Tampa Bay and I made them the Danbury Trashers as I am making a UHL mod. So Tampa's banner is already the same colors as the Danbury team used to be. So I just need to get the Tampa Bay banner to say Danbury. Is there anyone on here that can help me with this ??
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