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    Tricking the goalie by skating behind the net and wrapping around

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    Undertale, All Elite Wrestling, bowling, golf, Metallica, and NHL 94!

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  1. Hello! I'm ComicalFont, and this'll be my first time joining an NHL 94 league. I'm 20, and I only first played the game about ten years ago, but it's been a blast each time I've picked it up. It's so cool that there's an active online community for this stuff, and I'm really looking forward to get to experience the game in a totally new way! I've only played the Genesis version, so that's what I'll be sticking with. I've followed the Flyers on and off for a while, but I like the vibe of the Kraken, so I may try following them more heavily. College makes my schedule kinda weird, but I'll make sure to be up front about busy weeks. Glad to be here!
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