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  1. I was able to find where the Overall Ratings are knocked down by by 1x for a net 7x instead of 8x, but haven't been able to find the same for the Attributes. I'm borderline just thinking of changing each byte one at a time, to see what they do.
  2. THANK-YOU!!! Will go search to see if I can find that in the source. After @von Ozbourne shared that Weight info over PM, I realized that Attribute calculations are x8, then bit shifted to force a cheap round down. Dropping it down to a x7 seems like an inexpensive way to compensate.
  3. Sorry, I think that I must be confusing everyone. I'm not talking about NOSE or Overall Ratings. Please let me start over. In the original 0-6 rating system, rating an Attribute "2" would translate to the ROM showing a Displayed Value of "42" for that attribute. However, with your 0-15 system, giving that same Attribute a rating of "2" would translate to the ROM showing a displayed value of "32" for that attribute. My question, is why or how? I hypothesize that there is either a multiplier value somewhere (e.g. "take 0-15 rating and multiply by "7" for Displayed Value), or perhaps a look-up table, or perhaps something else entirely. Whatever it is, I would love to know more!
  4. Thanks for the reply to a 13-year old thread! My apologies, but I meant in the ROM, not NOSE. How did you get 0-15 ratings to scale differently in the ROM? I tried to retrace your steps, and really haven't been able to figure out what witchcraft you did here. If you still had your old notes, or spreadsheet, or whatever, I'd love to take a look.
  5. I'll have you know, in Canada, that is *exactly* what we do on Thanksgiving!
  6. @smozoma I've been trying to figure out how the Displayed Rating Values are calculated in the ROM. I can see with Weight that there is merely a base weight figure that is set, with each additional Weight "point" adds an increment of 8 above that. But for this… how did you adjust this? I can't figure out if there is a multiplier variable set to 7, or a lookup table, or whatever. You must have done SOMETHING, but I can't figure out what it is. Any insight as to how the displayed values is handled, a HEX address to a multiplier, any insight whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!
  7. The 2024 Reverse Retro ROM is AMAZING!!! It's distracting me from getting mine done.
  8. @von Ozbourne Sorry for spamming your thread, but I can't get over how phenomenal your player photo work is. It doesn't just look better, it looks and feels authentic to what the players would have looked like if they were 16-bit video game characters. I love it so much.
  9. I'm always so curious about how different people rate things… I just checked, and my model currently has those two teams as a 71 and 65 respectively. That's literally the exact same % rating differential between the two teams! That is neat. So… yeah, I think 82 and 74 sound about right.
  10. I'd love to pick your brain about how to use EDGE data!!! I haven't tried to incorporate this yet, but would very much like to try. Fox is a tough one to rate IMHO. My rating system this year currently has him at an 83, out of a range of 52-94 (Makar) for D-Men. I've never been able to rectify his acclaim with an objective rating…
  11. The Player Cards have never looked as good as they did in this release. Such a joy to just go browsing around. This release is premium.
  12. Looks beautiful!!! So many nice bespoke touches. I still can't believe that you pulled off colour photos. Looking forward to dropping this into my console tonight.
  13. @von Ozbourne and I are just joking around and being ridiculous! I know that I shouldn't speak for him, but I didn't want you to have the impression that he (or I) would actually paywall updates. It will be the same deal as last year: just buy a lifetime subscription to our OnlyFans, and you're good to go.
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