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  1. There it is! Thanks a ton! I will get on the ice as soon as i can!! I hope you will come back to drop a new version, when the new season arrives! But that's in the future! Time to enjoy the present!!
  2. I cant wait! Thanks for this great and huge update package!
  3. Thank you for this quick update! Here are my observations: Rookie Mode: AI is notably less aggressive! It appears easier to score than in other versions! Thumbs up! But I had another occassion, when the goalie disappeared at the end of the match (didnt result in a goal). But you already pointed out that this is a known bug. 3:1 Victory (End of Regulation) Arcade Mode: Is much faster than the previous version. And it has better puck movement, which appears more fluent. But I witnesssed some uncontrolled speed bursts, when players flew across the screen. Players appear more unsorted on the ice, so defense isnt set in many situations. Instead they take the whole ice. 0:1 Loss (End of Regulation) Regular Mode All in all this felt very familiar. Like an improved version of the original game. It was very fluent and balanced, but it was too hard to score for me. I had some great shots, but wasnt able to knock one down. 0:2 Loss (End of Regulation) Cheers mate, I hope this helps
  4. So, I was able to test the roms tonight! Rookie Mode: At first I scored two quick goals and thought it would continue. But it turned out different. 2:2 OT DRAW Arcade Mode: Wow, this could be my rom! I was able to score four goals, which is the most since my quiet and humble comeback after all those years. I will attach a small video of a weird scene, when the goalie left the house. Good for me, it made me score It felt like the movement was faster, but the puck handling was a bit slower if that makes sense. 4:1 End of Regulation Regular Mode It was obviously slower, but one timers worked pretty well for me. But this rom naturally feels more competitive from beginning to end. It was a close win for me. 2:1 End of Regulation But because this was the first time, I was playing your roms, let me say this: Wow, I can see how much tweeking you did on the visual side! It looks awesome! So many things to discover and it all starts with a great cover and splashscreen! Thank you for all the work you put in! 20220609_010223.mp4
  5. Wow! Thanks for this fast update! I will try it out this evening and let you know, how it does! Thanks a ton!
  6. I think those two additional options you are considering, will cover the most common wishes! One rom that I could think of personally, is a rom without opponents. I know this must Sound weird, and I dont know, if It's even possible, but if you want to practice the Timing of one timers, this would be helpful. But I am grateful for a noob rom regardless, because that would be the next step anyway. Trying to bring the stuff you practiced into a game. Thanks for your response!
  7. This would be awesome!! Thanks for the consideration
  8. The game description sounds awesome, besides of one thing: that It's harder to score goals! but that's just for a noob like me, I think
  9. Is this list still being updated?
  10. Oh, there it is! I was just about to ask! I read the line "The rom nobody asked for" on an older rom. I love your edition! Thanks for your work! One question about the Weight Bug fix: Did you also re-vamp checking abilities?
  11. Oh wow! This is interesting! Which is the latest rom?
  12. There is a new way to play online, without having to install anything. Jam.gg is a service, that runs directly in your Browser (Chrome or Edge are recommended though). You just create an account, which is free right now, and you can select a game on the platform. Or you can use the BYOG (bring your own game) option, to throw in a rom, that you are holding. It is as easy as drag and drop. Supported systems are genesis, snes, N64, PS1 amongst others. Then you can invite a friend by sharing a link and play together. Up to 8 people can be in a room together. Video conference Tools are supported, like Webcam, voice Chat, message Board. You can literally throw in any controller you are having and it will work with the platform. If you try it, let me know what you think. I made some great experiences with the site already. Maybe someone would like to build a small league around it, if there are a few players interested. You can count me in then
  13. Wow! Thank you for this great list! I always had great memories of Nhl94, but havent played it in a really long time. This site made me re-visit Nhl94, and I had to find out, that It's not that easy to play, score and win. But I am determined to learn the basics right now and I have already improved. Its just now, that I am beginning to see the layers of the game. There are two great roms for NHL20. @naples39had a speed increase, which I really like. @slapshot67 @skip Did not only fix the Weight Bug, but also revamped checking abilities. Does any rom provide both Updates? Thanks for your great work! I really appreciate It! You are making me put on those skates again!
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