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  1. I've been on the fences, but reading DRUNK 2ON2 as the last item on the agenda and seeing how many are coming has me fired up. Im going to look into flights.
  2. I believe I was the "underdog" who put Frey on the ropes in that tournament, I wasn't shocked taking a short series from Frey and I'm sure he wasn't surprised either. The style of play and experience of a coach is indicative of how they will match up against their opponents. For example, I've played Freydey on and off now for 6-7 years and matchup well against most of the time. I may not be nearly as skilled, but I have 6 years of experience playing this coach and know his tricks (watch out for the net crashers). On the other hand, I've always never matched up well against Kingraph or Tomkabs who play different styles and have much less experience playing against. There are many skilled coaches in these leagues, each having a unique style to the way they play the game. It's definitely not an easy task to build a team, and out play 10-20 opponents. While you may have lost the series, you have 5 more games against Zalex to learn from the next time you play him.
  3. WPG JETS F1 - LW D. Savard #18 C E. Lindros #88 RW S. Makarov #42 D1: LD: I. Kravchuk #21 RD P. Housley #6 Starting Wacklord: Eddie Belfour #33 F2 - LW V. Zelepukin #25 C. D. Turcotte #8 RW B. Sutter #12 D2 - LD: R. Ladouceur #39 RD: A. Zhitnik #2 Backup Wacklord: Danny Berthiaume #35
  4. So coaches can not trade their protections but, they may opt out for a supplemental draft pick than use it to trade?
  5. The President's Trophy winning St. Louis Blues coached by Icestorm70 defeated Kingraph's Philadelphia Flyers in a high-scoring 7 game battle to win the Stanley Cup. The two teams combined for 78 goals total over the entire series, averaging over 10 goals per game. Steve Yzerman (3.6 pts/gm) and Teemu Selanne (2.6 pts/gm) of the Flyers lead the play-offs in scoring, with 54 points total in the Play-Offs over 15 gms Yzerman earned himself the TDL-E Play-off MVP Award. The Blues, down 3-2 in the series, had to win a pivotal game 6 in Philadelphia 9-6 to bring a game 7 to home ice where Dale Hawerchuk, Petr Klima, and Stephane Richer pulled off a multi-point effort for a 6-3 victory to complete the series. I would like to thank all the coaches and our community webmaster Chaos in TDL-E for their participation and patience in Season 2. .
  6. I didn't mean it to sound like you guys were responsible, I'm really the one who should be taking the blame. I should have handed out FFs long ago, but I will admit with all the replacements and deadline extensions in TDL-E I really tuned out after I posted the playoff rom. I was hoping an 8 man "A" lg would work out, but it was clear that there was too much of a skill gap between the top 4 and bottom 4 coaches of the league. I'm not too confident that if TDL-E continued next season, it would be any better. I like the recent idea of A/B/C brought up in Blitz, in S3 we may just drop the A and do B/C lg's. There are a few coaches who have remained at the bottom of the TDL-M standings the past 2 seasons who could play a division down in S3, sign ups will be much more open to fill up another division. I also think it's fair to say that the coaches who are the runner up/champ of every season in a "B" lg, like Brutus pointed out, is not necessarily a signature mark that the coach is ready to hang with the community's top 5 coaches. I'm not against the idea of continuing TDL-E at roll-call, but it will take interest from some very skilled and committed buds to sign up to keep it alive.
  7. No big deal if Pearate isn't feel well enough to play, if anyone deserves any blame for dragging on the playoffs its definitely not Pearate. He's been waiting over a month for Icestorm and LABS to finish round 1. I lost my motivation for TDL-E months ago, it's like nails on a chalk board the way S2 is draggin out.
  8. I haven't seen any of these posts until today. In all fairness, S2 was supposed to be finished months ago (S3 roll call is coming soon with changes - open spots will be filled by a lottery). It seems deadlines have been way too lenient and its apparent that there is zero interest in a TDL "A" lg. Apologize to all TDL-E coaches for a very s**t-par season. Ice and Pearate play by Sunday the 25th or Ice advances by FF.
  9. If the STL v PIT series isn't completed in the next two nights FF's will be given.
  10. I argue that im at least a tier 2.75, and freydey is more like a tier 1.16
  11. bump, first round of playoffs = over 4 weeks long. c'man guys, there really is no excuse for this. jesus and pearate have been waiting for weeks now, if these two series aren't finished by Sunday Jan. 4th I'll FF all 4 teams from the play-offs and advance clockwise's Rangers vs Pearate's Capitals to the finals.
  12. roll call before S9 is even finished is a bit soon I think?
  13. (HOME) FR*GGS 5 (AWAY) RON BARR SANTA CLAUS CLAN 2 (HOME) FR*GGS 5 (AWAY) RON BARR SANTA CLAUS CLAN 4 (OT) Line-ups FR*GGS: donnybrak, Wittgenstein RON BARR SANTA CLAUS CLAN: kupuck, shaftman
  14. Team: Anaheim Mighty Ducks First Line G - Bob Essensa LD - JJ Daigneault RD - Gord Hynes LW - Stephan Lebeau C - Theo Fleury RW - Bob Bassen X - Mikael Nylander Second Line G - Guy Hebert LD - Greg Hawgood RD - Kevin Dahl LW - Mikael Nylander C - Bob Bassen RW - Andrew Cassels X - Craven
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