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  1. Forgot to drop - Dave Snuggerud. When the Flyers drafted Theo Fleury, Dave never took well to changing his jersey from #14. He went into a dark place, started drinking heavily and getting out of shape. We sent him to the minors, the Minnesota Moose, where he started hanging with the wrong crowd. Guys like Dave Hakstol, Dave Morissette, and Brad Miller, who with Snuggerud, led the team in PIM that year. "Brad and the 3 Daves" became a feared group.

    Reports were coming out every other day on excessive partying, lewd conduct, and petty theft. Unfortunately we couldn't continue to spin the media and this was reflecting poorly on our organization. It was at this point we have to let Dave go, and wish him the best in his future endeavors.


    Party Animal Dave Snuggerud

    The man, the myth, the minor league legend. Dave Snuggerud.

    Awesome post raph.

  2. If possible can I have Chiasson instead of Desjardins please......if not its ok

    We'll let you do it this one time bud, but usually all live picks are final. If a coach has been skipped for a certain draft pick, we will give them the option to switch it for an available player.

  3. Washington Capitals(kupuck) beat the Rangers(me) 4 games to 3. Hats off to kupuck. Rangers had a 3 goal lead in the7th game heading into 3rd period. Caps scored quickly twice to make it a one goal game and then it became a defensive battle back and forth. Caps finally tied it up on a coast to coast breakaway from Selanne when he slipped the puck past Fuhr with only 12 seconds left. Washington won in overtime after Iafrate shrugged off 2 checks on his way to the net and buried the game winner as Fuhr flopped to the ground. Great series kupuck!!! Good luck next round!

    Great series J&J, it was an absolute thriller as six games were decided by 1 goal margins including 2 overtimes. In game 7 both teams had big power play opportunities in the overtime and great chances that could have sealed the deal at any moment. The home team won every game in this series, great games that could have gone either way.

  4. While everyone has waited over a week for Hokkee to log in, we must push forward into play-offs. Unfortunately, the 12 games the went unrecorded by Hokkee will have a huge impact on Vancouver's play-off position. Big shout out to Jack&jose, the only coach to complete all 14 remaining games on his schedule. Here are the final standings with playoff penalties for DNP's included:

    1. Brutus.Khan (PIT) 30-8-0 (4 dnps) 60 pts

    2. minpind (BOS) 21-15-0 (4 dnps) 42 pts

    3. probob38 (DET) 19-19-0 (2 dnps) 38 pts

    4. kupuck19 (WSH) 17-22-1 (2 dnps) 34 pts

    5. jackandjose (NYR) 11-27-0 (0 dnps) 22 pts

    6. donnybrook (PHI) 17-19-0 (6 dnps) 34 pts - 12 dnp pens = 22 pts

    7. jer_33 (CAL) 7-29-0 (2 dnps) 14 pts

    8. hokkeefan (VAN) 23-6-1 (12 dnps) 47 pts - 36 dnp pens = 11 pts

    First Round TDL Major Season 2 Stanley Cup Play-Offs:

    1. Pittsburgh Penguins (Brutus Khan) VS 8. Vancouver Canucks (hokkeefan)

    2. Boston Bruins (Minpind) VS 7. Calgary Flames (jer_33)

    3. Detroit Red Wings (probob38) VS 6. Philadelphia Flyers (donnybrook94) DETROIT RED WINGS WIN SERIES 4-2

    4. Washington Capitals (kupuck19) VS 5. New York Rangers (jackandjose) WASHINGTON CAPITALS WIN SERIES 4-3

    The deadline for the first round of TDL Playoffs will be 10/19, please begin scheduling with your opponents to get your series in as soon as possible.

    Find the rom attached with the 99 minute OTTDLmajorS2Playoffs.bin

  5. TDL Elite finally flops over the finish line for the 2nd checkpoint this morning with enough games finally completed, for those of you who recently joined us this is the time of the league where we will take a 1 week long intermission to draft free agents and trade players (refer to post #3 of this thread in response to skeletor for the rules during the week). This begins today on 10/12 and ends next Sunday 10/19, we resume league play with a new rom again on 10/20. GLHF!

    8. Snyder (5-11-0 : 6 dnps) 10 pts + 18 draft pens = 28 pts

    7. LABS (5-17-0 : 2 dnps) 10 pts + 6 draft pens = 16 pts

    6. Gretzkyonacold (6-15-0 3 dnps) 12 pts + 9 drafts pens = 21 pts

    5. Wittgenstein (9-16-0: 3 dnps) 18 pts + 9 draft pens =27

    4. skeletor (11-15-0 : 0 dnps) 22 pts

    3. kingraph (17-7-0 : 0 dnps) 34 pts

    2. clockwise (18-8-0 : 0 dnps) 36 pts

    1. Icestorm70 (22-4-0 : 0 dnps) 44 pts

    Thus the draft order shall proceed such as:

    1.1 LABS_66 (Pittsburgh Penguins) selects Chris Chelios D cuts Bryan Fogarty D

    1.2 Gretzkyonacold (Buffalo Sabres) selects Mats Sundin F (Drops lowest rated F)

    1.3 skeletor (Boston Bruins) selects Dave Manson D (Drops lowest rated D)

    1.4 Wittgenstein (Los Angeles Kings) selects Gary Suter D cuts lowest D

    1.5 Snyder (Washington Capitals) selects Doug Gilmour

    1.6 kingraph (Philadelphia Flyers) selects Dave Ellett (Drops Ryan McGill)

    1.7 Clockwise (New York Rangers) select Bob Essesna (Drops Beezer)

    1.8 Icestorm70 (St. Louis Blues) selects Cliff Ronning (Drops Ron Wilson)

    2.1 Icestorm70 (St. Louis Blues) selects Geoff Courtnall (Drops Bassil Mcrae)

    2.2 Clockwise (New York Rangers) selects Niklas Lidstrom (Drops Jeff Beukeboom)

    2.3 kingraph (Philadelphia Flyers) selects Benoit Hogue (Drops Claude Boivin)

    2.4 Snyder (Washington Capitals) selects Trevor Linden (drops lowest F)

    2.5 Wittgenstein (Los Angeles Kings) selects Al MacInnis (drops lowest D)

    2.6 skeletor (Boston Bruins) selects Joel Otto (drops lowest F)

    2.7 Gretzkyonacold (Buffalo Sabres) selects Uwe Krupp (Drops Brad May)

    2.8 LABS_66 (Pittsburgh Penguins) selects Steve Chiasson

    3.1 LABS_66 (Pittsburgh Penguins) selects Sergei Makarov

    3.2 Gretzkyonacold (Buffalo Sabres) selects Alexei Kasatonov

    3.3 skeletor (Boston Bruins) selects Eric Weinrich (Drops Jim Weimer)

    3.4 Wittgenstein (Los Angeles Kings) selects Alexei Zhamnov

    3.5 Snyder (Washington Capitals) selects Steve Duschene

    3.6 kingraph (Philadelphia Flyers) selects Valerie Kamenski

    3.7 Clockwise (New York Rangers) selects Claude Lemieux (Drops Steven King)

    3.8 Icestorm70 (St. Louis Blues) selects Matheiu Schneider (Drops Brett Hedican)

    Find available Free Agents here unavailable players highlighted in red available players highlighted in blue

  6. Hokkee, a lot of coaches have been looking for you the last week, can you give us some availability please?

    You've been having such a good season, I think we can all agree we would hate to see that change because of DNP penalties in the playoffs.

  7. Thank you Lupz! It's nice to see a new player's honest, unbiased opinion. I was thinking today that if people are mad or discouraged after getting destroyed in one of their first online games, then the community is better off without them.

    And Kupuck, there's like 50 people who play 94 online, and you want to shrink that even more? You and a select few others around here have a serious hatred for plabax that twists his community image in a horrible way. My guess is that you and the rest of the anti plabax movement are just like these so called harassed new players. Deep down you really hate plabax because you're still salty from some rough losses to him.

    Yeah, he's not a saint, but he's not Satan either. I think the community really needs people like him who actually want to play everyday. He can be a bit of a troll sometimes but you gotta take the good with the bad. It doesn't matter if players are good or bad, it's just better to have more people in the community. Banning people left and right is baaaad for the 94 lifeline

    As opposed to the opinion of an inactive coach who was only around 6-7 months who hasn't had to deal with his crap.

    It is no fun for admins to have to hear complaints about other coaches. What is fun is using the little time and energy we dedicate to running leagues to making an enjoyable experience for everyone.

    I have taken PLENTY big losses and stuck around through many years of this community, if it bothered me I wouldn't have signed up after the first classic.

    If l had vendetta's against people for losing I'd be saying ban everyone from this site and their wouldn't be a single coach in TDL. Because I'm sure everyone that plays in our leagues has at least beaten me once by a 5+ goal margin.

    That's pretty low of you to assume about those of us who have serious issues with allowing him to play. It's easy for you to talk us down and take a stance because you won't be playing.

  8. Just an FYI I just started playing games online a week ago today, and played multiple times with playbax, and yes he beat me every game, but one (I think he felt bad for me, and I had Chicago), and handily, but was nothing but complimentary in my play, and encouraging, and there was some serious beat downs. Now IDK if he is being extremely sarcastic, and playing with me about not sucking, but he has not taunted, or belittled me once (again if he wasn't being sarcastic).

    Figured I would give a newbie's first, first hand account recently with playbax, carry on.

    He was probably being polite because so few people will play with him, let alone unblock him on AIM.

    There are many issues concerning plabax, mostly his forum and league conduct.

    In my opinion there are no places for coaches like plabax in 94 online leagues.

  9. With some coaching changes and some momentum picked up we can set a deadline for the next trade deadline, which will be 10 days from now Saturday 10/4. Sunday 10/5 the Trade Deadline week will start and play will resume again 10/12 with the part 3 rom.

    # of games each coach:

    BOS (skeletor): 0

    BUF (larobbie): 3

    LA (Wittgenstein): 5

    NYR (clockwize): 4

    PHI (kingraph): 0

    PIT (LABS_66): 2

    STL (icestorm70): 2

    WSH (Snyder): 6

    Lets keep the momentum up and finish playoffs before S3 roll call!

    10 days since the last TDL Elite game has been logged.

    If there isn't a game played by Wednesday 10/8 I am cancelling the rest of TDL Elite, which I do not want to happen especially with guys like raph and skeletor who have given it their full efforts so far. I refuse to keep extending deadlines and working on a league that will not play its games.

  10. 9 days until play-offs and still quite a few games to be played, here's where everyone is at:

    PHI (donnybrook94) - 14 gms 12 gms

    VAN (hokkeefan94) - 14 gms 12 gms

    CAL (jer33) - 12 gms 10 gms

    DET (probob38) - 12 gms 10 gms

    BOS (minpind) - 10 gms

    NYR (jackandjose) - 10 gms 8 gms

    WSH (kupuck19) - 8 gms 2 gms

    PIT (brutuskhan) - 4 gms

    5 coaches are well behind the checkpoint mark, DNPs and play-off spot/draft pens for next season will apply after 10/11.

  11. The last deadline has passed and there are some big concerns as many coaches have A LOT of games to be played still:

    PHI (donnybrook94) - 14 gms 12 gms

    VAN (hokkeefan94) - 14 gms

    CAL (jer33) - 12 gms 10 gms

    DET (probob38) - 12 gms 10 gms

    BOS (minpind) - 10 gms

    NYR (jackandjose) - 10 gms 8 gms

    WSH (kupuck19) - 8 gms 2 gms

    PIT (brutuskhan) - 4 gms

    The biggest concerns are the 12-14 gms left guys, probob hokkee jer Donny where are you guys?

    We will set a new deadline for Saturday 10/11.

  12. Heyyyyy don't make me feel bad here lol. I'm just the messenger, it's easiest that way. I don't have get involved personally

    I thought you wouldn't mind :cry:

    EDIT: From Plabax: "ask raph WHY he said I could play"

    Like you can't see you are being the Johnny Cochran to Plabax's OJ?

    Everyone knows what plabax is about around here. Plabax was recently banned from TDL for taunting his opponents on top of numerous complaints about him throughout the season.

    I do not blame any classic lg commish for upholding his ban, dealing with him spoils the fun for both admins and the other coaches.

  13. 1st 8 game deadline approaching this weekend and it looks like Ice, Zalex, Eggink, swos, dcicon, Bok, and hokkee will have 0 games played. More than half the A league is completely gone.

    Sad, but I think it's time to shut it down. Nobody seems interested in playing anymore. :(

    I agree, it is the coaches participating that makes a league enjoyable. Season 1 of TDL was so enjoyable for both the kumishoner and the coaches because games had 100% completion and a great group of coaches; Season 2 has been an awful mess and headache with the "A" players. Next season we will only be running TDL for the members who truly participate and appreciate the work that goes in to making a lg happen. Making a league happen is more than a guy making a rom and setting deadlines, most important it takes the responsibility of all coaches to play their games, win or lose.

    If the coaches aren't participating, it spoils the fun for everyone involved.

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