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  1. Can you give the newbies an overview of trading for this league, or point us to a thread that explains things?


    During the trade deadline period from 10/5-10/12 we will have a 3 round draft using the players from the free agent list found here. The Free Agents list is compromised of all players from the unselected teams. As you draft a player, you will drop a player from your roster (can be the worst player, doesn't matter).

    During this time you may also make a maximum of 5 player moves, you do not have to trade but draft picks are off limits from trades(i.e. players-for-players deals only). After the draft I will create a line-ups thread in the Trade Deadline forum section, you must post your lines and any duplicate jersey # fixes by Saturday 10/11.

    On 10/12 I will post the final rom for the regular season, the regular season will end on 10/23 with play-offs beginning 10/24. A 99-minute OT rom will be released and coaches will have 1 week long deadlines to finish the season.

  2. With some coaching changes and some momentum picked up we can set a deadline for the next trade deadline, which will be 10 days from now Saturday 10/4. Sunday 10/5 the Trade Deadline week will start and play will resume again 10/12 with the part 3 rom.

    # of games each coach:

    BOS (skeletor): 0

    BUF (larobbie): 3

    LA (Wittgenstein): 5

    NYR (clockwize): 4

    PHI (kingraph): 0

    PIT (LABS_66): 2

    STL (icestorm70): 2

    WSH (Snyder): 6

    Lets keep the momentum up and finish playoffs before S3 roll call!

  3. There was an incident today that forced us to drop the current coach for the Rangers.

    Let it be noted that all coaches are expected to act with good sportsmanship, taunting either in-game or in chats will not be tolerated.

    I will be finishing the season for the Rangers, message me at kupucknhl94 on aim for games. Refer to post #2

  4. Major kudos to raph and labs for keeping on top of their games. With the amount of extended deadlines and still unplayed games until we get more action going the draft will be TBA. We will be looking to replace WSH asap.

    # of Games remaining:

    Icestorm70 - 4

    Kingraph - 1

    plabber - 8

    skeletor - 6

    witt - 7

    labs - 2

    gretzkyonagocart - 5

    cagellyvoced - 11

    Feel free to post if anyone is interested in taking over for the Capitals.

  5. Here are the multiple jersey numbers in the rom, please post them with your line ups.

    BOS: Adam Oates/Jimmy Carson #12, Dale Hawerchuk/Dmitri Kvartlanov #10

    CAL: Denis Savard/Trent Yawney #18

    DET: #4 Scott Stevens/Rob Blake, Benoit Hogue/Yves Racine #33, Ulf Samuelsson/Lidstrom #5

    NYR: Adam Graves/Joe Sakic #19, Claude Lemeuix/Mike Gartner #22, D. Shaw/ J. Vanbiesbrck #34

    PHI: Pavel Bure/Alexei Zhamnov #10

    PIT: Mark Messier/Ron Francis #11,

    VAN: Paul Ysebaert/Jyrki Lumme #21,Brett Hull/Trevor Linden #16,

    WSH: Paul MacDermid/Brian Bellows #23 (MacEpiDermis changed to #82)

  6. 9/8/2014 -- Kettler Capitals Iceplex (Arlington, VA)

    The Washington Capitals have just confirmed a deal with the Boston Bruins sending forward Pat Elynuik to beantown for Dave Poulin. Bruins GM, minpind comments, "Elynuik's shot accuracy should help out the Chk line going into playoffs". Elynuik has not played a game since the end of July, "It's better for him [Elynuik] to be in a line-up that allows him playing time; we are excited to announce Poulin on the healthy scratch list for the remainder of the year," comments GM kupuck. The two teams have kept strong trading ties with this being the third official deal between the Bruins and Caps. Both teams will be back in action when the league play starts again Thursday, September 11th.

  7. The ROM doesn't have all the trades.

    I moved Hull for Messy & Ulf for Ronning.

    Not sure if other trades are missing.

    I'll try to get to it myself later if noone else does by then.

    fixed, I never saw this trade posted to the thread. if you notice your trade is not in the official transactions section after it's be confirmed, let me know. This is the list I use when working on the rom. You can always feel free to comb the rom yourself to be sure all trades are there.

  8. I left for the Arizona desert with nothing but a canteen, hunting knife, and years supply of peyote. Returning from a vision quest, was an encounter with a talking miniature pinscher. He discussed this great NHL94 lg in which coaches with a classic team drafted from the leftover teams and can make trades to beef up rosters during the middle of the season. Thus, TDL was born.

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