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  1. With the first checkpoint here TDL Major is set to go for Trade Deadline week. Draft rules will be the same as last season (last place first snaking order, no trading of draft spots, 5 player trade limit, etc). One new rule will be used in this season's draft: each coach must waiver a player of the same position from which they draft. Example draft post should look like: Drp1zza drafts free agent Patrick Roy and waivers Dominick Hasek. The 4 games that were not played have little impact on the final draft order and will be logged as following: BOS 1 @ NYR 0 FF, NYR 0 @ BOS 1 FF, CAL 0 @ NYR 1 FF, NYR 1 @ CAL 0 FF. J&J took an unexpected trip out of town, to save him from having to draft last each round CAL was faulted the 2 games vs. NYR. The final standings with DNP + draft pens included: 1. Vancouver Canucks (hokkeefan2) 11-3-0 22pts 2. Detroit Red Wings (probob38) 10-4-0 20 pts 3. Pittsburgh Penguins (brutus.khan) 10-4-0 20 pts 4. Boston Bruins (minpind) 9-5-0 18 pts 5. Philadelphia Flyers (donnybrook) 7-7-0 14 pts 6. Washington Capitals (kupuck19) 5-9-0 10 pts. 7. New York Rangers (jack&jose) 3-11-0 6 pts. (+4 DNP pens = 10pts) 8. Calgary Flames (jer_33) 1-13-0 2 pts (+4 DNP pens = 6 pts) Anyways here is the Trade Deadline Week Free Agent Draft Order: Find Available Players here 1.1 Calgary Flames (jer_33) Alexander Mogilny (Ronnie Stern to waivers) 1.2 New York Rangers (jack&jose) Jeremy Roenick (Mike Hartman to waivers) 1.3 Washington Capitals (kupuck19) Teemu Selanne (Reggies Savage to waivers 1.4 Philadelphia Flyers (donnybrook) Wayne Gretzky (Dave Brown to waivers) 1.5 Boston Bruins (minpind) Ed Belfour (Andy Moog to waivers) 1.6 Pittsburgh Penguins (brutus.khan) Brett Hull (Mike Needham to waivers) 1.7 Detroit Red Wings (probob38) Luc Robitaille (Jim Hiller to waivers) 1.8 Vancouver Canucks (hokkeefan2) Patrick Roy (Kay Whitmore to waivers) 2.1 Vancouver Canucks (hokkeefan2) Scott Stevens (Adrian Plavsic to waivers) 2.2 Detroit Red Wings (probob38) Mike Modano (Shawn Burr to waivers) 2.3 Pittsburgh Penguins (brutus.khan) Thomas Sandstrom (Mike Stapleton to waivers) 2.4 Boston Bruins (minpind) Pierre Turgeon (Detective Darrin Kimble to waivers) 2.5 Philadelphia Flyers (donnybrook) Phil Housley (Shawn Kronin to waivers) 2.6 Washington Capitals (kupuck19) Pat Lafontaine (Steve Konowlchuk to waivers) 2.7 New York Rangers (jack&jose) Grant Fuhr (Mike Richter to waivers) 2.8 Calgary Flames (jer_33) Zarley Zalapski (Greg Smyth to waivers) 3.1 Calgary Flames (jer_33) Kirk Muller (Greg Paslawski to waivers) 3.2 New York Rangers (jack&jose) Doug Gilmour (Paul Broten to waivers) 3.3 Washington Capitals (kupuck19) Marty McSorely (Jason Woolley to waivers) 3.4 Philadelphia Flyers (donnybrook) Petr Klima (Claude Boivin to waivers) 3.5 Boston Bruins (minpind) Steve Smith (Jim Weimer to waivers) 3.6 Pittsburgh Penguins (brutus.khan) Russ Courtnall (Dave Tippet to waivers) 3.7 Detroit Red Wings (probob38) Rob Blake (Brad McCrimmon to waivers) 3.8 Vancouver Canucks (hokkeefan2) Benoit Hogue (TBA to waivers)
  2. TDL Elite deadline to play games has been extended to next Sunday, July 27; this will allow replacement coaches and those who need to finish a chance to catch up.
  3. Plabax takes over for the New York Rangers (Zalex) in TDL Elite. Start hitting him up for games to complete your schedule by the extended deadline next Sunday, July 27.
  4. Yeah NHL 95 for PC/DOS as all of these features too. Great game/fun game but I don't think the DOSbox emu allows possibility for online multiplayer
  5. Unfortunately the league cannot wait for Houly anymore. With the extended deadline Plabax should have sometime to get somewhat caught up. Hit him up if you need to play the Buffalo Sabres. Welcome to TDL Elite bud, GLHF. I didn't realize Houly and SOH played last night and the games were simply just not uploaded. Houly can have Buffalo back, and Plabax is willing to wait until tomorrow to replace either NYR or BUF.
  6. Trading is open for TDL major, remember each coach is capped at a maximum of 5 players. A 2 player deal counts as two roster moves on each coaches limit. Feel free to discuss trade deals and post final trades to this thread. Vancouver Canucks (Hokkeefan2): 0 trade left (P. Bure, G. Courtnall, M. Lemeuix, C. Ronning, M. Modano) Detroit Red Wings (Probob38): 3 trades left (S. Yzerman, M. Modano) Pittsburgh Penguins (Brutus.Khan): 0 trades left(L. Murphy, K. Stevens, T. Barrasso, M. Lemeuix, V. Ruzicka) Philadelphia Flyers (Donnybrook94): 5 trades left Boston Bruins (minpind): 0 trades left (E. Belfour, G. Murphy, V. Ruzicka, J. Juneau, G. Wesley) Washington Capitals (kupuck19): 3 trades left (M. Ridley, C. Johansson) New York Rangers (jackandjose): 4 trades left (M. Messier) Calgary Flames (jer_33): 5 trades left Official Transactions: 1. Brutus (PIT) sends L. Murphy, K. Stevens, T. Barrasso to Minpind (BOS) 2. Minpind (BOS) sends E. Belfour, G. Murphy, V. Ruzicka to Brutus (PIT) 3. Hokkeefan2 (VAN) sends P. Bure, G. Courtnall to Brutus (PIT) 4. Brutus (PIT) sends M. Lemeuix, V. Ruzicka to Hokkeefan2 (VAN) 5. Kupuck (WSH) sends M. Ridley, C. Johansson to Minpind (BOS) 6. Minpind (BOS) sends J. Juneau, G. Wesley to Kupuck (WSH) 7. Hokkeefan2 (VAN) sends M. Lemeuix, C. Ronning to Probob38 (DET) 8. Probob38 (DET) sends S. Yzerman, M. Modano to Hokkeefan2 (VAN) 9. Jackandjose (NYR) sends M. Messier to Hokkeefan2 (VAN) 10. Hokkeefan2 (VAN) sends M. Modano to Jackandjose (NYR)
  7. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/16298-tdl-elite-availability/#entry139922 Zalex and Houly: 6-8 GP by Sunday or be replaced
  8. Agreed, 14 GP in a month span shouldn't be difficult. I've talked to Houly, he is aware he needs games logged in the next 24 hrs or will get replaced. We will extend the deadline a week for Elite ; Zalex and Houly must have 6-8 GP by Sunday night, if not both coaches will be replaced.
  9. Coaches at fault for DNP will forfeit the 2 pts to the other coach, and be given +4 draft penalty points. Any coach at fault for more than 2 DNP's will draft at the end of each round of the free agent draft. Season 1 we did not have to get crazy with draft penalties and DNP's, the league had 100% game completion. Let's do our best to carry on that enthusiasm to save us the extra work during the Trade Deadline.
  10. All coaches are to have 14 GP by 7/20 (this Saturday)Sunday We are less than a week away from the deadline and there are some concerns. It is hard to project any Draft orders for the upcoming Trade Deadline week with the hardcore lagging in TDL Elite. The amount of each games per checkpoint is very relaxed and minimal for summer, I must admit I am a disappointed with the lack of games completed in Elite. Thank you to the coaches in TDL major for keeping up to pace, all coaches in Major are in a good spot to complete the checkpoint. Minpind (6 GP) & Jer_33 (8 GP) : gotta hammer out this week to avoid draft penalties. SOH (5 GP), Zalex (3 GP) & Houly (0 GP): we need you guys to keep up, I've seen each of you online plenty since the start of the league play. Elite coaches that need to play PIT (LABS_66): Get in touch with him for games ASAP, he will be leaving town the 17th. He has posted this plenty of times since the start of the league, any coach with an unfinished games vs. PIT will be assigned a FF.
  11. Houl, coaches are trying to get games with you. Some claim you are being evasive by making blitz exi's a priority, we need you to play or the lg will have to make unwanted changes.
  12. Season Schedule 6/23-7/20 14 GP 7/21-7/28 First Trade Deadline We are about 11 days out from the first checkpoint. Most are in a good spot to meet the 14GP checkpoint, some have a lot of catching up to do. A lot of lagging going on in Elite, I understand it's summer but 14 games with nearly a month to complete them is very generous. Zalex - 1 GP Houly - 0 GP SOH - 3 GP Icestorm - 4 GP
  13. http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/07/02/philadelphia-flyers-star-claude-giroux-arrested-in-Ottawa
  14. weight bug fix don't mind allstar tms in final, I think its a "silly" good idea; but if you are gonna have them in the finals it might as well be for the whole series
  15. Follow the links to the list of free agents for both leagues: TDL Elite TDL Major At the first 14 GP checkpoint each player will draft 3 free agents and be able to trade during the trade deadline. We will do this again at the 28 GP checkpoint as well. When drafting a free agent that coach is required to waiver one player from that same position (could be your weakest player). Trading will be opened a week before the trade deadline although they will not go into effect until after the checkpoint. If you will be out of town during the Trade Deadline, leave a list of free agents with myself or another coach to help the draft week moving on pace. GLHF!
  16. Anyone still wanting to post lines may do so today by 10 pm EST, it was a short notice over the weekend and I can do another rom edit if needed.
  17. It appears to be only in the exhibition rom, probably just a mistake in copying and pasting over teams. If you look at the regular season roms teams should be in tact. Lines were already supposed to be posted, but if you can have them posted here by midnight we can do a final rom edit before tomorrow. If not, than you can next post your line-ups after the next trade deadline.
  18. With the team selection process over it's time to get the season started. The rom for each league is attached for download, be sure to make sure you have the correct rom for uploading games. There is a rom with all teams from both league's posted in the line-up thread for cross-league exhibitions. Each coach has 1 home 1 away vs each opponent = 14 GP by the first checkpoint. Make sure to not to hold off on all your games to the last moment, DNP will be assigned that will affect your position for the free agent draft. Because Chaos is being awesome and still working on the site, the first checkpoint will be slightly prolonged. You may start playing ASAP, but be sure to rename and keep all savestates to upload later when the schedules become available. GLHF! Season Schedule 6/23-7/20 14 GP 7/21-7/28 First Trade Deadline 7/28-8/18 28 GP 8/18-8/25 Second Trade Deadline 8/25-9/15 42 GP - Regular Season Ends 9/15-10/6 Playoffs TDL elite rom update 6/24 - make sure to dl new rom TDLmajorS2.bin TDLeliteS2.bin
  19. Official exhibition rom attached, this rom features all teams from both TDL elite & major. League roms will coming soon. TDLS2exirom.bin
  20. Still need lines from 6 coaches, if not posted today it is fine; TDL revises lines at each checkpoint. You will just be stuck having to edit the first 14 games of the season. Get em in quick if you want to save yourself the hassel of editing before each gm.
  21. Part of the "ease" of making the TDL rom that helps us start up quickly is that we do not need to spend time on hacking rom graphics. Since jer33 posted a rom with a small color change to his uniforms it will be used in the league, but let's please refrain from this in the future. If 8 coaches from both leagues wanted uniform changes with different logos/colors/etc. it would greatly complicate starting the league on time.
  22. Scr 1: LW Bondra C Khristich RW Miller LD Hatcher RD Johansson X Ridley Scr 2: LW Carpenter C Ridley RW Hunter LD Cavallini RD Iafrate X Bondra Chk: LW Pivonka C Elynuik RW MacDermid LD Cote RD Anderson X Bondra PP1: LW Ridley C Khristich RW Bondra LD Hatcher RD Iafrate X Hunter PP2: LW Carpenter C Hunter RW Miller LD Johansson RD Cote X Bondra PK1: LW Khristich C Bondra LD Hatcher RD Cavallini X Ridley PK2 LW Pivonka C Ridley LD Johansson RD Iafrate X Bondra Starting Goalie: Don Beaupre Back-up Goalie: Rick Tabaracci
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