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  1. With all the coaches choosing a different 1st choice, no random order was needed to assign teams in TDL major. We use the same process as classic in selecting teams, a random order of the coaches will be made and going down the list each coach will receive their top available pick. Here was the random list for TDL elite: Here are the teams for season 2 TDL Elite: 1. LABS 66 - PIT lines submitted 2. Zalex - NYR 3. SOH - WSH 4. Fredey - BOS 5. Kingraph - PHI 6. Icestorm - STL lines submitted 7. Houly - BUF lines submitted 8. Wittgenstein - LA lines submitted TDL Major: 1. Minpind (BOS) lines submitted 2. Brutus.Khan (PIT) lines submitted 3. Jack&Jose (NYR) 4. Probob38 (DET) lines submitted 5. Jer_33 (CGY) lines submitted 6. kupuck19 (WSH) lines submitted 7. Donnybrook94 (PHI) lines submitted 8. hokkeefan2 (VAN) Post your starting lineups below, be sure you include Scr 1, Scr 2, Chk, PP1, PP2, PK1, PK2. If line-ups are not posted by Sunday 6/22, the rom will be posted with the teams original lines for the first 14 games of the season.
  2. With last coach just confirmed hopefully by the end of the weekend. We will post teams for TDL elite and a line-up thread, hopefully if all goes well according to schedule the draft should be the week before you leave town; leave someone a list of players if for whatever reason a coach cannot be around for the draft.
  3. Absolutely, go to blitz94.com and make way to the downloads section for smozoma's nhl94 weight bug fixed rom; that will be the base rom with changes to neutralize home/away adv, do away with hot/cold impact on players, and apply 60 second penalties. A selection process for Major will not be necessary as Brutus pointed out, everyone will get their top choice and may began playing exi's to figure out lines (remember line changes are ON) Expect league play to start in a week or two.
  4. Sorry I didn't mention in the post above, the team selection process is the same as classic. A couple of coaches have said they avoided picking teams because others had them listed at 1. Please don't let someone else listing a team as their top choice effect your decisions, the five teams you pick should all be teams you want to use. TDElite Lg guys: let's get a list posted or post to get out, we have 5 spots that need to be confirmed - you are not hurting anyone's feelings saying no.
  5. Trade Deadline League aka TDL - Season II About: TDL, known as Trade Deadline League, is an invitational NHL 94 online league using a weight bug fixed version of the classic NHL 94 rom on the GENS emulator. TDL originally birthed in Season I as NHL94 Gentlemen's Club, or GMC. The beta run format created with think-tank MinpinD was the first league on the forum to include mid-season drafts & trades. With improvements & adjustments to the format, the new TDL is composed of two tiers: Elite and Major. TDL Elite is composed of the highest skilled and reputable coaches in online play. TDL Major consists of 8 high skilled and reliable coaches in which finalists advance to TDL elite each season. Each league tier will have 8 coaches playing a 42 game regular season. Every three weeks will be a deadline; by the deadline you are required to play each coach twice: 1 home 1 away totaling 14 games played. There will be two trade deadlines before play-offs. Rough estimated season schedule: Weeks 1-3: 14 GP, Week 4: 1st trade deadline, Weeks 5-7: 28 GP, Week 8: 2nd trade deadline, Weeks 9-11: 42 GP, Weeks 12-14 Playoffs. At each trade deadline the league goes from the emulators to the forums. A 3 round free agent draft will be held including all players from the unselected 16 teams in each league. Also during this time, coaches may trade up to five players although trading is not required. Last place coach at the deadline receives first FA pick in snaking order; DNP draft pts will be used if necessary. All eight coaches make play-offs composed of three rounds with best of 7 series. The coaches in the bottom of the standings always have a chance, there is no reason to give up with a top free agent pick coming your way. The unique concept of having the chance to rebuild your team for play-off success keeps TDL competitive and exciting, GLHF! Rules Rom: Smozoma's Weight Bug Fixed NHL 94 rom (may be downloaded at the old blitz94.com website) Periods: 7 Minutes Penalties: On, except off-sides Line Changes: On Manual Goalie: On Penalties: 1 Minute Home/Away Team Advantages: Neutral Hot/Cold Player Impact: Off All game stats and scores logged via savestate at nhl94online.com webpage, with big thanks to Chaos. Confirmation & Team Selection TDL Elite 1. Wittgenstein (LA, PIT, CHI, DET, DAL) 2. LABS_66 (PIT, CHI, STL, BUF, MTL) 3. Freydey32 (BOS, DET, LA, PHI, PIT) 4. Icestorm76 (STL, LA, NYI, BOS, PIT) 5. Kingraph (NYR, BOS, PHI, DET, PIT) 6. Zalex1414 (NYR, CHI, PIT, BOS, DET) 7. VocallyCaged (PIT, WSH, PHI, NYR, BOS) 8. houly8 (Buf,Bos,Pit,Qc,Mtl) TDL Major 1. Minpind (BOS) 2. Brutus.Khan (PIT) 3. Jack&Jose (NYR) 4. Probob38 (DET) 5. Jer_33 (CGY) 6. kupuck19 (WSH) 7. Donnybrook94 (PHI) 8. hokkeefan2 (VAN) If you are listed up above, please confirm by posting your top 5 choices of classic WBF teams. If you do not reply by Monday 6/16 other invites will be sent to replace. There are many coaches I would have liked to have invited, but many factors from reliability to sportsmanship to how often a coach is online goes into consideration. If you no longer wish to participate that is OK, let us know ASAP to give us time to invite other coaches.
  6. GMC Season 1 Player & Coach Awards Stanley Cup Champions: New York Rangers (Wittgenstein) awarded to the League Champion. President's Trophy: Toronto Maple Leafs (kupuck19) awarded to the team with the highest pointsafter the regular season. Hart Memorial Trophy: Doug Gilmour (kupuck19), awarded to the regular season's most valuable player. Lady Byng Memorial Trophy: Vancouver Canucks (probob38) awarded to the coach that exhibits sportsmanship and excellence with a high standard of playing ability. Vezina Trophy: Bill Ranford (MinpinD), awarded to the top goaltender of the league. Calder Memorial Trophy: Calgary Flames ( LABS_66) awarded to the most outstanding rookie coach. Art Ross Trophy: Doug Gilmour (kupuck19) awarded to the league leader in total points during the regular season. James Norris Memorial Trophy: Al MacInnis (LABS_66) awarded to the league's top defensemen. Conn Smythe Trophy: Steve Yzerman (Wittgenstein) awarded to the MVP of the playoffs. Jack Adams Memorial Trophy: New York Rangers (Wittgenstein) awarded to the coach with the biggest contribution to the team's success. Frank J. Selke Trophy: Nelson Emerson (Brutus.Khan) awarded to the best defensive forward. William M. Jennings Trophy: Mike Vernon (LABS_66) awarded to the goalie with the fewest GA with 28+ games played. Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy: Brett Hull (Brutus.Khan) awarded to the top goal scorer of the regular season. Mark Messier Leadership Award: Mark Messier (Wittgenstein) because it's Mark Messier! GMC General Manager of the Year Award: New York Rangers (Wittgenstein) awarded to the coach whose decisions at the trade deadline most impacted team success.
  7. You're not even in GDL... Someone else had to finish the big opponents on your schedule. I'm sure you would love to plead with the commish to be in 'B' and win your 4th+ B league title on this site. But back to the topic, this is a great idea. 8 coaches for a league is very ideal imo. Keeps enthusiasm and participation up. League membership by invite is the best way to go for any league that involves drafts, deadlines, etc. Sign-ups and waitlists attract too many non-reliable coaches that drop mid-season.
  8. What is LSD. Video editing on drugs for $800.
  9. Congratulation to Wittgenstein for winning the GMC Season 1 Stanley Cup! After being in last place the majority of the season, the NY Rangers under coach Witt made the changes possible to take it all. Wittgenstein faced elimination in 3 games during the Semi-Finals being down 3-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs coming back to win the series; and faced elimination 2 games against the Calgary Flames coming from being down 3-2 to win the Cup. All in all it was a lot of fun this season, I know some of us are bummed to see this group change a bit during season 2, but the changes that are coming soon will make the league more enjoyable. Stay tuned for season 2. ***Gary Coleman (mistaken for Plabax at first) makes way to the Rangers locker room during the celebration for autographs, Messier was ecstatic
  10. The NHL94 GMC Season 1 Championship Stanley Cup Finals (5) Calgary Flames - LABS_66 vs. (7) New York Rangers - Wittgenstein Wins Stanley Cup Final Series 4-3 The GMC season 1 semi-finals were completed in less than 72 hours, major kudos to all coaches for their commitment. The final stage is set, LABS_66 will have the home ice advantage. The St. Louis Blues under coach Brutus.Khan pressed the Calgary Flames in a hard fought game 7 series. Heroics from Theo Fleury with superb goaltending in Roy held out under offensive powers Brett Hull, Mario Lemeuix and Sergei Federov. Coach Brutus will be back in season 2 looking to make another run for the championship, thanks for your commitment this season bud. The New York Rangers stunned the Toronto Maple Leafs in a thrilling 7 game series battling back from being down 3 games to 1. The offensive power of Gartner - Yzerman and Klima-Sandstrom proved to have deeper offensive depth as the league leading scorer Doug Gilmour with linemates Ciccerelli & Borshevsky could not keep up. Congrats to Wittgenstein on a great season, I'm am unsure if I will take part in the next season; but I ensure I will be here to help run season 2. Thanks to all coaches that participated again, it was a lot of fun hope to see you back for season 2. Another major thanks to Chaos for his help behind the scenes. Good luck to the finalists; Probob has offered to do commentary and upload videos of the finals if you can record and send him the files.
  11. Instead of air-fare how about all of us in the California and Nevada area meet somewhere neutral like Tahoe and carpool/party-bus it out to Chicago? I would be down to try to get out to Chicago if we had a tourney for the online community.
  12. Round 1 of the GMC Playoffs witnessed 20 very tough games with 8 coaches competing hard to make the semi-finals. A lot of times after a playoff series, "could have gone either way" is said between opponents as pivotal moments in a series rely upon winning close games. This was proven true in Round 1 of GMC playoffs. Of the 20 games played in round 1: 9 games were decided by 1 goal differentials (45%), another 9 games were decided by 2 goal differentials (45%), and only 2 games were decided by 3+ goal differentials (10%). A big thank you to all coaches for staying committed and competitive throughout the season. The Bruins and coach minpinD after a very successful latter half to the regular season came short in a hard fought 7 game series with the Calgary Flames. Between the pipes for the Bruins, Ranford entered into a 7-game defensive series with all-star netminder Patrick Roy. Each game was decided by 1 or 2 goals with the Flames moving on, congrats to Minpind on completing a great season and a major thank you and kudos for helping put GMC together. We will definitely be seeing minpind back in season 2. The Buffalo Sabres under coach Jer_33 fostered one of the most potent offensive rosters but struggled to find momentum going into the playoffs with the top seed. As Mogilny, Lafontaine, and Gretzky continually pressed Potvin forcing him to make big saves throughout the series. As the Sabres were unable to keep post-season hopes alive, coach Jer_33 has already confirmed his return for season 2 to make another run at the cup - congratulations on the season and thank you for your sportsmanship & commitment. The Chicago Blackhawks were a cup favorite with Ed Belfour in the net and bringing on Teemu Selanne with Peter Bondra to add to Jeremy Roenick's incredible offensive capabilities. No one expected their quick exit facing St. Louis, but "Super" Mario Lemeuix was able to solve the Chicago netminder. After a great finish to the regular season, we all know coach JackandJose will be back in season 2 to give another run for the league title - congrats and thank you bud. The Vancouver Canucks and Coach Probob were stunned as the 2 seed by the Rangers in 5 games. Staying atop the standings during the regular season building around offensive powers in Pavel Bure, Geoff Courtnall, and Brian Bradley. Having the last pick of free agents, the Canucks faced improved teams in the latter half the season making it much tougher to win games. Coach Probob played all season long with high enthusiasm and exemplifies the sportsmanship GMC promotes. Thank you and congratulations on a great season, hopefully we see you back for season 2. The Maple Leafs (1), Flames (5), Blues (6), and Rangers (7) got the job done to advance into Round 2. Higher seed has home ice advantage in same format as Round 1. The deadline for round 2 is Monday, 5/26. GMC Play-Offs Round 2 1. Toronto Maple Leafs (kupuck19) vs. 7. New York Rangers (Wittgenstein) NYR WINS SERIES 4-3 5. Calgary Flames (LABS_66) vs. CAL WINS SERIES 4-3 6. St. Louis Blues (Brutus.Khan)
  13. Hey jer, sorry its my grad weekend and I got surprised with a trip out of town for the weekend and wont be around sunday. I should be around Monday evening, sorry to hold up playoffs buds.
  14. Hey jer_33 - that controller come in? Got a busy weekend coming up but I should be around tonight at around 7pm PST and all day tomorrow before 7PM PST. I'll be busy Friday and Saturday, so if not tonight/tomorrow may have to be until Sunday.
  15. Thank you chaos, all your work has been appreciated!
  16. re-seed, so Wittgenstein will face the highest seed to advance in rd2.
  17. No worries jer, my best time available will probably be next Sunday. If you and your opponent want to play your series go ahead; just do not forget to download and use the Playoff rom with 99 minute OT and keep all savestates for the website. According to Chaos, the playoff page will be available soon.
  18. Season I Round I Official Match Ups 1. Toronto Maple Leafs - kupuck19 (25-17-0) TOR WINS SERIES 4-0 vs. 8. Buffalo Sabers - Jer_33 (16-26-0) 2. Vancouver Canucks - Probob38 (25-17-0) vs. 7. New York Rangers - Wittgenstein (16-26-0) NYR WINS SERIES 4-1 3. Chicago Blackhawks - Jackandjose (24-18-0) vs. 6. St. Louis Blues - Brutus.Khan (17-25-0) STL WINS SERIES 4-0 4. Boston Bruins - Minpind (23-19-0) vs. 5. Calgary Flames - LABS_66 (22-20-0) CAL WIN SERIES 4-3 Remember: Download rom with 99 minute OT. Format: Higher seed home ice: games 1, 2, 5, 7; Lower seed home ice: games 3, 4, 6 Schedule & Play your series by Monday 5/19. GLHF. 94gentsclubPLAYOFF.bin
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