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  1. Sorry for my English. I know my language very badly, "thanks" to Promt. (Но как то надо общаться, думаю русский язык тут далёк от понимания -)). I spoke about logo of a home team on an ice platform. Look in NHL '95 for PC. There a team logo will turn in the correct party to crowds. In other classic nhl games the picture is located not as in a real life. I do not know as still it to explain. But eventually, it is not too important. Second, i try to say about shoot-out after game, after overtime.
  2. If will allow, i would like to state a little prophetic which would like to see in hack NHL ' 98. And hope it hack will be -). - Opportunity to disconnect two line pass and icing. - 7 minutes - a time, here without questions. - Speed slow by default. - Emblems of home teams on ice turned by the person to lateral tribunes, as for example in nhl ' 95 for PC. If it really to make. - It would be healthy, if after neutral result during basic time of a match, there was an overtime, and further bullits. And there are some words about the version of game for SNES. There there is a
  3. StahlHai

    Great game of 98

    When I have bought Sega Megadrive NHL ' 98 there was one of the first games in whom I played constantly during several years. Further on decrease, has taken from friend NHL ' 97. Has liked less, speeds below, fights practically are not present. Before purchase Genessis, I played at the school friend in nhlpa ' 91, ' 92. From hockey there was certainly a little but what it was meat! Now has joined to '93-94 versions. It is really improbable. However for me NHL ' 98 personifies oldschool hockey from EA. I wish good luck to the Mack in hacking of this game, and I wait for results )