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  1. Wow! So, I read that number A10357 was found in Kentucky, maybe mine comes from there. Who knows how it got to Italy, it would be cool if the prior owner read this post and recognized it
  2. Cool! Let me know if you keep find consistency in better timing with the Japanese version!
  3. Can anyone tell me more about this serial number? (located in Milan, Italy) Thanks! A10344
  4. In my humble opinion 94 SNES intro is unbeatable, even though I am a Genesis player
  5. Hi! At the moment I played just the genesis and SNES (US) versions. How is the japanese version different from the US one? I’m pretty curious since I have also a super famicom….
  6. Hello everybody, I’m Fred from Milan, Italy and I just wanna thanks whoever is behind this amazing community. I’m pretty new to the game but I’m already in love with it. I play it on an old Sega Mega Drive (modded to run at 60hz, as I live in a pal country), and I won my first Stanley’s Cup with the Blackhawks just yesterday, I know…there’s sill a long way to go. I the future I’d like to start playing online and attending tournaments. I really appreciate all the materials I found in this forum, I hope to be able to contribute to some discussions soon, in the meantime thanks again for your commitment to maintaining this community!!!
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