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  1. Hi all, Wow, this site is bringing back some memories... anyway, been checking out this place for a few weeks now, and I thought I'd formally say hello to everyone. I'm a longtime veteran of sega NHL95, but relatively new as far as giving it a go on the computer and online. Mack's 30 team ROM (excellent work sir!) has also got me into trying out NHL94 as well. Big up to all the creative folks working on mods and hacks for keeping this game alive! My ideal game settings would be penalties, icing, & offsides on, line changes on, and at least 10 (or 20) minute periods. I'm also only able to use the Kega emulator, as Gens is rather finnicky. If anyone is into these rules, I'm always up for a game. I've just set up on aim as: op3nsource Hope to meet up with you all sometime at centre ice! ta! PS: if anyone knows of a league, or is thinking of starting a league with these rules and settings, using Mack's 30 team ROM, please let me know!
  2. I'd be so willing to work on it! Having a look at NOSE though, it seems as if it can only change the 2 all star teams into expansion teams, leaving 2 others out. Anyone know if there is an add team function? Or anyone know a good place to start for working on a 30 team NHL 95 hack?
  3. so I finally figured out that I needed the gens emulator to run these modded NHL95 .bin files. however, I seem to be having problems configuring my control pad on it. every time I try to redefine the settings, Gens crashes. Anyone else have this problem, or know a solution? I'm using a logitech dual action control pad, the kind that looks like a ps2 dual analogue controller.... ta!
  4. thanks, great news. Haven't got it to work yet though. Do you know if you need a specific version of the NHL95 emulation? I've been playing the one I found here: http://www.gamefabrique.com/nhl-95.html Also, what does one do with the .bin file that you get from the Mack site? There was no instructions for it. If I ever get this up and running I am so there for league play! ta!
  5. never mind... that's the sega version....
  6. So I found an emulated version of sega NHL 95 which is really the version that I grew up on and love. Anyone know if there is any way of modding it, or are all the mod discussions generally for the PC version of the game? ta!
  7. I got mine from here: http://www.gamefabrique.com/nhl-95.html works perfect, no sound problems at all. Oh, this game is taking me back to my late teens & early twenties.... I think I'm gonna have to buy a controller for my computer now! =) ta!
  8. Got mine from here: http://www.gamefabrique.com/nhl-95.html ta!
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