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  1. I want to add a tip to scoring in nhl94: learn whether a player is left or right handed and try to keep them shooting with their body turned accordingly. I edit my lines to put a right handed player on the left and left handed player on the right, increasing your chances of scoring from that side. Some teams have a slight disadvantage of having 2 right or left handed players at the wings, so one of the players will not have their body turned the best way while shooting. Some players, however, seem almost ambedextrious (sp?) and can shoot effectively from either side.
  2. First let me just say that I'm a long time fan of NHL94 (bought it when it came out in 1993) and have played it for many years. I've completed thousands of games and have kept stats on high scores, etc. Over the years I have compiled what teams have performed the best and I have created a top 10. This list is totally unbiased as I am not a big fan of the game on tv nor do I root for any local teams (I'm in the NYC Area). I also want to say that the rating numbers in the game are a bit deceiving and not necessarily a good representation of the strength of the team. This is because a player ca
  3. Is the game manual available on this site or anywhere else for download or viewing? i lost the one i got with the game 14 years ago and want to read up on some of the features. Thanks
  4. I'm a huge fan of NHL94 (have been since 1994) and this site is awesome! I'm just curious if there are any other classic 16-bit sports games (besides other NHL ones of course) with the depth of play of NHL94. Perhaps some other EA Sports game? How about any of the Basketball or Football titles? Madden 97 is pretty good for the Genesis (although I still prefer playing NHL94). Does any other classic sports game even have a site dedicated to it like this one? I play NHL94 on my T-Moble Dash cell phone (Windows Mobile 6) using the Genesis emulator PicoDrive 1.52. It works great! (although the sta