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  1. 1 - H2H Record 2 - Goal Differential 3 - Goals Scored 4 - Coin Flip
  2. A and B Regular Season 12 coaches in each league, you will play 4 games against each coach in your league, for a total of 44 games. A and B Playoffs Top 8 teams based on point total will make the playoff in each league. Series will be best of 7. C Regular Season The GENS-C league has been split up into 2 conferences and each team will play a 42 game season. You will only play against teams in your conference, so instead of needed to play games against 16 other coaches, you will either be playing against 7 or 8 coaches, depending on what conference you are in. Conferences Coaches in the Eastern Conference will play against each other 6 times (3 games at Home, 3 games Away). Coaches in the Western Conference will play each other at least 5 times, while there will be 2 coaches you play against 6 times. Check your schedule to see how many games you need to play against each other before playing! C Playoffs 12 teams will make the playoffs. The top 2 seeds will be conference winners. The next 10 will be in by point total, with seeding based on win %. The top 4 seeds will get a 1st round bye. Playoff series will be best of 7 games. Regular Season ends Monday night, 9/13. No exceptions! All games in your schedule are expected to be completed by then. If games are not completed, you will be deducted 1 point for every game not played, which could affect your playoff status! Promotion and Relegation The 2 teams who finish with the lowest win % in A league will be relegated to B league next season. The 2 teams who finish with the lowest win % in B league will be relegated to C league next season. The B league champion, and the team with the next best regular season record, will move up to A league next season. The C league champion, and the team with the next best regular season record, will move up to B league next season. For Newbies: This may be daunting at first, but it's not as hard as you would think. Get familiar with navigating around the nhl94online.com website. 1. Contact the coach you would like to play on Discord. You can find their Discord Username by going to the nhl94online.com site. Choose the CDL Season 3 league from the drop-down "League Selection" menu on the navigation bar. Choose the "League Level" you were assigned in the left-hand column and click on your Team. Your "Coach Page" should come up, and you can see which teams you have games remaining against. Click on that opposing team's name in the left-hand column, which should load that team's coach page. On the right hand side of the page, there is an area which contains the coach's Discord Username. You can contact them via the specific league channels on the Discord server, or via direct message. You can also choose the "Teams & Schedules" page from the menu bar and this will list all the coaches in the league and their Discord Usernames. If you are not looking for any one specifically, just post in the #chaos-draft-lg channel that you are looking for C league games. 2. Play the game. Play the game against the selected coach. When playing a game against a coach, the decide beforehand who will be hosting and uploading the games. In Genesis, the hosting coach is usually Player 1 (Home), and the coach connecting is Player 2 (Away). This can be switched in game by using the "i" key - (look at this post). Once the game is complete, and you get to the "Three Stars" screen or the Final screen, a save state must be taken and uploaded to the site (either coach can do this, please decide who will perform the upload beforehand). Please check out the threads on creating a Save State linked at the top of this thread post. Once the Save State has been made, the game can be uploaded to the site. This is done on the "Coach Page" that displays your schedule. By clicking on your team's name in the left-hand column of any page on nhl94online.com, you access your "Coach Page". Games that need to be played will have a "Log a Game" link next to it. Choose the game that has been played, and upload the file. It is common that you can upload the games one at a time after playing your series. Type in your password (that you used when you registered for the nhl94online.com site) to log the game. Once this is done, the game is uploaded and the stats on the site will update. NOTE: If an incorrect save state was uploaded and has already been processed by the site (both coaches didn't realize the score was wrong and it was confirmed), please PM on here, or DM on Discord chaos, angryjay93, dantml7, kingraph, or halifax. We will need to delete the wrong game, and this will allow you to upload the correct game. EXTRA NOTE: Do not upload a save state that was taken during display of "Highlights from the game". It will take data from that game that is being displayed. Best place to take a save is when the Three Stars screen pops up, or wait till the highlight is done and you are back at the Final screen. Also, the schedule does not need to be played in order. It is encouraged to get all your games in with an opponent at the same time. Some of you will have 6 games against an opponent, you might want to split that up into 2 play sessions (up to you two, discuss beforehand how many games will be played). Also, realize there is a delay when uploading the save. The webpage will look like it's frozen. Wait until you see the message "Game has been uploaded" before backing out from the Log a Game screen. Here are some helpful links for navigating around the site: HOW TO: Netplay over RetroArch HOW TO: Create a Save State in RetroArch RetroArch Save State Uploading HOW TO: Log a Game with a Save State on NHL94Online.com NHL94Online.com Stat Pages - how to navigate to and display the different Season stat pages. The stats are collected from the save states that are uploaded. Teams and Schedules Page - displays the coach names and Discord usernames for the coaches in your league.
  3. Note, if you do not see your name on here, let me know! C League Team Selection Draft will start Wednesday 7/28, 8PM Eastern time. Pick deadlines will go until 11PM, then restart on Thursday 7/29 at 5PM Eastern Time. Picks will be made in the CDL-C-draft channel on the NHL94 Discord server. Pick deadlines will be 1 hour, starting from the time the previous selection was made. If you miss your deadline, you can choose whenever you show up, you do not have to wait till the end of the draft. IF you are not a member of the server yet, please join using the link on the nhl94.com front page. The draft order was weighted and randomized. The coaches new to 94 were first randomized and will pick first. Then, I put in the bottom 2 teams from last season (Heinz and Triple A) and put them next in order of Win Pct. Then, the next group was everyone else, including new players to C league who have played before, and returning players kidswasted, jcariello, and whalers. This group was randomized and filled out the rest of the draft. Draft Order: 1 - Dinkleberg - WSH @Dinkleberg 2 - Buyckaroo - BUF @Buyckaroo 3 - migsro - DAL 4 - leedaiger @leedaiger 5 - Jeelock @Jeelock 6 - UltraMagnus @UltraMagnus 7 - Heinz57 @Heinz57 8 - Triple A @Triple A 9 - DPS @DPS 10 - halifax @halifax 11 - kidswasted @kidswasted 12 - jcariello @jcariello 13 - Charlesworth @Charlesworth 14 - whalersmightwin @jay22 15 - TDubs @TDubs 16 - skills324 @skills324 17 - bvish @bvish
  4. Team Name: Calgary Flames LD: Jamie Macoun RD: Teppo Numminen LW: Mario Lemieux C: Mats Sundin RW: Geoff Sanderson X: Thomas Steen 3rd D: Kevin Dahl G: Chris Terreri
  5. I would think the allocation would be more relative to "store it was sold at" than region. Plus many of these I would assume to be second hand purchases.
  6. Current List of Players: A: (Winner: angryjay93, runner-up: kingraph) 1 - Angryjay93 - .808 - CONFIRMED 2 - Kingraph - .769 - CONFIRMED 3 - Uncle Seth - 0.750 (lost in semis) - CONFIRMED 4 - Scribe99 - .500 (lost in 1st) - CONFIRMED 5 - sonoffett87 - 0.500 (lost in semis) - CONFIRMED 6 - sebe82 - .500 (lost in 1st) - CONFIRMED 7 - corbettkb - .442 (lost in 1st) - CONFIRMED 8 - Schmidt - .431 (lost in 1st) - CONFIRMED 9 - Hokkeefan2 - CONFIRMED 10 - Chris O - .413 - CONFIRMED 11 - dantml7 - CONFIRMED 12 - IcestormNHL94 - CONFIRMED B: (Winner: hokkeefan2, runner-up: kazelegend) 1 - Tickenest - CONFIRMED 2 - SOH - CONFIRMED 3 - Mr. T - .600 (lost in 1st) - CONFIRMED 4 - kazelegend - .500 - CONFIRMED 5 - Thrillhouse - .500 (lost in 1st) - CONFIRMED 6 - chaos - .472 (lost in semis) - CONFIRMED 7 - LeifErikson - .389 (lost in 1st) - CONFIRMED 8 - szpakman - .333 (lost in 1st) - CONFIRMED 9 - TecmoJon - .250 - CONFIRMED 10 - INDIO - CONFIRMED 11 - niuhuskie224 - CONFIRMED 3 - Slapshot - .663 (up from C) - CONFIRMED C: (Winner: INDIO, runner-up: niuhuskie224) 1 - whalersmightwin - .596 (lost in semis) - CONFIRMED 2 - Joe H - .558 (lost in 1st) 3 - kidswasted - .558 (lost in semis) - CONFIRMED 4 - Jcariello - .500 (lost in 1st) - CONFIRMED 5 - Boehm23 - .481 6 - Raidercanuck - .481 (lost in 1st) - OUT 7 - dancollins81 - .462 8 - Triple A - .327 9 - Heinz57 - .269 - CONFIRMED 10 - DPS - CONFIRMED 11 - UltraMagnus - CONFIRMED 12 - Dinkleberg - CONFIRMED 13 - migsro - CONFIRMED 14 - Buyckaroo - CONFIRMED 15 - skills324 - CONFIRMED 16 - leedaiger - CONFIRMED 17 - T Dubs - CONFIRMED 18 - bvish - CONFIRMED 19 - halifax - CONFIRMED
  7. A League Champs: S1: Uncle Seth S2: angryjay93 B League Champs: S1: sonoffett87 S2: hokkeefan2 C League Champs: S2: INDIO CDL Season 3 This league will start up soon. I will give a week starting today (7/9/21) for S2 players from A and B Leagues to let me know if they are returning. Once the week is done (or I've heard from everyone), there may be some open spots ( currently, I see 1 in A, and 1 in B, with everyone returning). Open spots in A will be filled by previous A league caliber players (ones who have won A league in Classic or in previous draft leagues). Open spots in B will more than likely be filled by C league players from S2 (with one spot currently open in B, it would go to @SlapshotSean, as he finished 3rd in the standings). Note, the only thing holding up the draft will be A and B signups. Once this is figured out, I will announce the start of the draft (along with the draft order). @kingraph and I will do a draft show again. You will get a 1 week heads up on the start date. The plan is to host the draft near the end of the month. C league signups will be open up to the day of the A/B League Draft, and are open to anyone. Relegation and Promotion The criteria is still the same, though there are some changes. Last season we had 14 teams in A, and 10 in B. In an effort to even out the leagues again, we will be going with 12 and 12. Therefore, I will not be relegating B league players this season. 2 players from A will be moving down (worst reg season record, not counting the fill-ins), and 2 players from C will be moving up to A. As of right now: Moving down to B - @Tickenest (.404 win PCT) and @CamKneely2 (.413 win PCT, lost in head-to-head with @Mitch Kramer) Moving up to A - @hokkeefan (B Champ) and @danTML7 (.667 win PCT) Moving up to B - @INDIO (C Champ) and @niuhuskie224 (next best reg. season record - .750 win PCT) Again, this could change, depending on who is returning, signing up, etc. There could be more movement. Sign-ups C League is more of like a "farm" league, where coaches will choose (via a Team Selection Draft) one of the drafted A/B teams to play a season with, continued with a playoff. The C Champ and the team with the best reg. season record will be promoted to B league the following season, and allowed to partake in the A/B draft. C League is open to any player whose setup has been CONFIRMED to work (they will have a role assigned to them in Discord). Sign-up deadline will be the day of the A/B League Draft, and cannot exceed 24 teams (currently if everyone returns from C, there will be 10 coaches). Draft News Once A/B returnees all report, and I fill out the remaining spots, I will post the draft order. The draft order will use the previous season's record as a base. The A champ will pick last in the list, the B champ will pick 18th, and the 2nd promoted player from B will pick 15th. The 2 teams from A that were relegated will pick 16th and 17th. The rest of the selections will go by winning pct and playoff performance from CDL 2, regardless of A or B league. I thought the live draft worked really well. Please give us some feedback. We went over 2 hours last time, and I believe we ended with the 3rd round, or close to it. The picks came in pretty quickly, I don't think we really waited on anyone (I think Raph and I actually slowed it down a bit so we could give some overview on the pick). I'd like to get more guys involved this year, maybe some analysis on the stream from top players. I think 2 hours was a lot for just the 2 of us, so maybe we can push it longer with others chiming in. I think getting the first 3 or 4 rounds on stream would be good. If you cant make it or need to step out, leave a pick list or a phone number and I'll text you, if deadline passes, you get best available, depending on position of need. League Info The ROM will not change from S2: - 5 min periods, 10 min OT, 1 min Penalties - Quicker control and longer range of Goalie - Goalie stat boosts (+1 to agl, +1 to each Stk/Glv attribute, excluding Roy and Belfour) - 0 Team Bonuses and PP/PK bonus - Warm/Cool Bonus (very slight hot/cold, attributes in the Edit Lines screen will be accurate) - Small Home Team Bonus in the Playoff ROM (+1), to make home ice a little more meaningful. From what I remember, this didn't make that much of a difference record wise, but I like the idea. No negative bonus to the Away team. Let me know if you are returning or not, by posting below, or DM me in Discord. If I don't hear from you, I will assume you are not returning.
  8. Version 0.7 has been released fixing some serious bugs. Thanks to @kidswasted for finding these!
  9. Spring '21 Classic League Registration! Register HERE For those of you who have registered on the NHL94Online site before, then registration will be easy. You just need to choose "Yes" for the question "Have you registered for a league before?", type in your site user name and password (NOTE: This is different than your forum password and user name, unless you made it the same), and choose the league you will be joining (right now, you can select Genesis or SNES). Then, hit "Submit" and you will be placed on the waiting list. It's that easy. For those of you who have not registered on the NHL94Online site before, then there is a little more info needed to complete registration. You need to choose "No" for the question "Have you registered for a league before?" and enter a user name and password (it's common to use the same user name as your forum name or Discord user name). You will also be asked to fill out some more information about yourself (email, location, timezone, Discord user name, system preference). Then choose the league you will be joining (GENS or SNES). Then hit "Submit" and you will be placed on the waiting list. You will then need to play a test game to make sure your connection is set up properly. This does not affect your place on the waiting list, but you cannot play in the league without playing the test game. If you have played in other online leagues before, you are technically confirmed already. Please PM or email me (chaos[at]nhl94[dot]com) and I will change you to Confirmed status. Registration deadline will be Friday, May 7th. That weekend, we will hold a Team Selection Draft. The draft order will be randomized. After the draft is completed for each league, the schedules will be released and the league will begin. If everything goes smoothly, the league will start the following week after the draft. Schedules may be posted before that time, which means you can start playing, but officially the league would start on that Monday. Stay tuned on Discord leading up to May 7th for more information on the Team Selection Draft. NOTE: This season, we will be using RetroArch version 1.8.8 for playing online games. Everyone who is playing in the league needs to make sure they have this set up. I suggest everyone play a test game to make sure it is working. Some of you already have experienced Netplay via RetroArch, so please help the others who have yet to try it out. While the relay server (previously used over the last year) has become unreliable connection-wise, I suggest learning how to set up direct connect (IP reservation and port forwarding on your router). Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions/problems! (either via PM here, email, or Discord). For more info on setting up direct connect using IP reservation and port forwarding, please check out this guide. Note: If you are having trouble/issues with setting up direct connect, please post in the #help channel on Discord. I would suggest giving it a shot yourself first, before requesting help, so at least you will be familiar with certain things when those helping are asking you questions. There may also be situations where you cannot do port forwarding on your router (don't have access to it, ISP prevents it, etc). This will be handled on a case by case basis. LEAGUE INFO The season is 40 games. There will be no limit on registration this season; as long as you register and played a successful test game, you will play. We will divide the registrants up into different League Levels based on skill and experience in online leagues. The different League Levels will be decided after registration is over. If you register after the registration period is over, you will be placed on the Waiting List for the league. Don't worry if you end up on the Waiting List, there is a strong chance you will end up taking over a team during the season! 40 game leagues will have the same 6 games/wk checkpoints as the past few seasons. You CAN NOT sign up for multiple league levels (i.e. GENS and SNES). Only those who are reliable will be allowed to do so, at the discretion of us admins. This will allow you to concentrate on one league. For those coaches that are new, I suggest practicing and becoming familiar with a few teams. This way, you will have multiple teams on your "Draft Board" to select from during the Team Selection Draft. Note, there will not be more than 14 teams in a league level, so with at most 14 teams drafting, you will have a good shot at a Tier A or B team. You can contact any veteran coach to play some exhibition games, or practice against the computer. You must join our Discord Server (link at end of post). Whenever you are available, you can post in the #testgame channel on the server and request a test game, or use the #exhibition-games channel for practice. Good luck! If there are any questions or problems, feel free to PM us or email us at chaos[at]nhl94[dot]com, or halifax[at]nhl94[dot]com. INFORMATION FOR NEW GUYS Read This - Guide for New Members If you are new to the league, welcome! We are a big friendly community here, and there are a number of guys who are always around willing to help the new guys out. First things first, you need to register for NHL94.com (this site), as well as on the nhl94online.com site (registration link at the beginning of this post). It is also required to have a Discord screen name, since that is the main method of communication for scheduling games. Once you are registered, the next step is to set up a test game. You can use the forum links below and post your availability. You can also post on the Discord server, in the #test-games channel and request a game (this is recommended, since there are more active users checking in on Discord). One of the veterans will send you a PM or a message on Discord (or feel free to add some veterans onto your Discord Friend List and message them yourselves). A test game needs to be played in order to make sure your emulator/network settings are correct. Once the test game is played, the veteran will confirm you on the nhl94online site. Once this is done, you are set until the season starts. A few days before the season starts, usually the day after registration ends, we will be holding a Team Selection Draft to choose teams. The draft will be held in the forums, so please make sure you register! An email will be sent out to all registrants before the draft, so it is important to register using an email you commonly check (also check your Spam or Junk folder). Once teams are selected, the schedules will be put up on the site and you can start playing your games. There will be another post announcing the start of the season, with information on how to log games, contact other coaches, and how to make the playoffs. Also, keep an eye on the Discord, as information is usually posted there first. Everything you need to play can be downloaded in one package from the nhl94online.com site. On the main page of the site, the Downloads section is located bottom right. This contains the ROMs used for the league, along with the emulator cores and the current RetroArch frontend. I hope we get some new guys who recently participated in some of our live tournaments!! Again, if you have any questions, please email me (chaos[at]nhl94[dot]com) or PM me via the forums. Discord Server (You can register for a new account via the link) - NHL '94 Server Getting Started Online - RetroArch setup and link to Netplay Guide- Getting Started Rules - Rules Genesis Test Games - Post Here or #test-games on Discord SNES Test Games - Post Here or #test-games on Discord View the Waiting List here
  10. I have an old DS Lite with an R4 card, it can run homebrew/emulators and DS games on it no problem. They have a R4 3DS card, probably does the same, though there may be better options for 3DS now.
  11. Its funny that Aggression doesn't get any in-game bonuses applied to it. All the other ones (except for the Fighting stat, Spd and Agl, and Wgt of course) get bonuses. I always thought Checking is used to determine if the player will check, and thus eventually cause a PIM. Ray Bourque has an Aggression of 2 and a checking of 6, and he's very aggressive and is always in the penalty box.
  12. He needs to save his controller inputs in Settings-Input-Port 1 Binds. Without a game loaded, set the controller input buttons, then when done, select Save Autoconfig.
  13. @jer_33 did a test on speed and acceleration: I was under the impression that speed is the top speed. Agility is how fast they get to that top speed (acceleration). Agility also affects turning and how quick you can stop.
  14. I believe that Alexander Mogilny (BUF) 's name is shortened too. To Alexnder
  15. Yeah, this is a known weird issue, and it has to do when the game was made. SNES does not have the duplicates, and it was released after the Genesis version. So it looks like the game was made around the time of the expansion draft, and they didn't bother removing guys from their previous teams.
  16. It's also funny he's rated the best D, when he was second in Norris voting that season. (Though he was either 1st or 2nd between 89-90 and 93-94). Chelios won the Norris in 92-93, and Larry Murphy had the best +/- of Defensemen.
  17. I think Al MacInnis has a 6/1 shot pwr/acc?
  18. I'd also note that if there were injuries where the player missed a significant amount of time in a season, their attributes were not affected. Cam Neely played like 10 games a season throughout the 90s and his attributes barely changed each year. 91-92: 9 GP, 9 G, 30% SPCT 92-93: 13 GP, 11 G, 24.4% SPCT How can you judge a guy on 9 and 13 GP?
  19. Kirk Muller is 4s across the board. There are 5 players with 6 Shot Accuracy: - 4 of them (Mario, Lindros, Khristich, Robitaille) have 4 Shot Power. - 1 of them (Petr Nedved) has 2 Shot Power.
  20. Below is the draft order for C league. You will be choosing from the drafted teams in the CDL S2 ROM. To look at the rosters, you can use the google doc that @kidswasted made: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XnW7ehvP7k5NqCjlQekoWApDZROkdyuNx_6MqIAssWg/edit#gid=1436647210 Become familiar with a few teams, so when it is your turn to draft, you have a list of teams you prefer. I will officially start the draft on Friday, March 19th, but you guys can start drafting before that (deadlines won't take effect until March 19th). The ROM can be downloaded from the Discord channel in the Pins. I'd link it here, but it might change, and the newest version would be linked in the channel. The draft list was randomly generated: @INDIO @niuhuskie224 @SlapshotSean @boehm23 @Joe H @kidswasted @Raidercanuck1329 @Heinz57 @dmm1000 @jay22 @Logans Legends @jcariello @Triple A Post your picks in Discord.
  21. Team: Calgary Flames LW: Wayne Gretzky C: Cam Neely RW: Pat Verbeek LD: Jamie Macoun RD: Teppo Numminen G: Patrick Roy 3D: Kevin Dahl Extra: Craig Janney Change Doug Bodger from #8 to #3
  22. Guys, you won't be selecting teams right now. Once the Season 2 draft is over, then I will announce a C draft where you will pick from the drafted teams.
  23. Yeah gonna just use the same rom so team and roster unfortunately
  24. I'm not sure if you understand, you're gonna have to wait until the Season 2 A/B draft before you can choose a team. Or maybe, I can make this based on Season 1 teams?
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