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  1. @QUE: QUE 4, EDM 3 OT
  2. @EDM : EDM 2, PHI 8
  3. Confirmed...PIT was way too fast for slow ass EDM
  4. CHI 5, EDM 1 @CHI EDM 5, CHI 4 OT @EDM Good games. My 8 game losing streak came to an end in exciting fashion.
  5. good games....probably two of the most fustrating I've ever played...excellent defense by DAL
  6. Game 1: WPG 3, EDM 2 Game 2: EDM 2, WPG 4 Good games. Comeback fell short in Game 1, Game 2 was pretty physical.
  7. Game 1: DET 4, EDM 2 Game 2: EDM 3, DET 6 Good games!!
  8. aim: Rage93 timezone: EST team preferences: 1. CAL 2. QUE 3. TOR 4. MON 5. DET 6. EDM 7. STL 8. WPG 9. VAN 10. NJD 11. CHI 12. WAS 13. DAL 14. PIT 15. PHI 16. OTT 17. NYI 18. HFD 19. NYR 20. FLA
  9. Hey St. Louis coach, I can see you haven't played any games in a while. What has happened? The season ends tomorrow and I have 4 games against you. I will be available for most of the day today and Mon. night as well.
  10. Hey anyone looking to play you can send me an IM - sn Rage93. I'll be online for an hour or so. Just looking to practice right now.
  11. Hey rookie here looking to play some practice games and check my netplay setup. I got the SNES version so anyone want to play you can IM me. My AIM sn is Rage93
  12. Hi Alll, I'm new around here and I need to play a test game to complete my registration. My AIM sn is Rage93. I have the game set up for SNES and I would like to see if my settings are correct. Can't wait to start the season!!
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