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  1. I've been hitting up NHL 94. I seem to get the craving every 8 or so months and just need to play it(impossible to shake). After playing 10 or so games yesterday and today, it got me to thinking. What are some players or more importantly if you had to choose one player that EA NHL94 disappointed or most messed up on, which would it be? I hope this thread hasn't been created before I searched a bit, but didn't find anything. Back in the day I might have said Mark Messier, but after all this time i've come to realize while he could have been a bit better it's not enough of a substantial difference. My pick (right now) would go to Pierre Turgeon. Every once in a while I fool myself into believing he's better then I thought he was and I get the real life Pierre Turgeon that had 132 points (58 Goals - 74 Assist) in 83 games mixed up with NHL94 version. I usually spend 3-4 games trying to figure him out to no avail. Hogue is simply the better player on the line IMO. Oh Well whats yours? Sorry just realized I put it into the wrong section.
  2. Great thread. Right now these guys are my favs for most underrated. 1. Todd Elik [EDMONTON] does anyone else find Elik to be greatly underappretiated. I just move him into this spot were Corson usually is. 2. Bill Lindsay [FLORIDA] Gritty, tough and has overall skills 3. Daniel Berthiaume [OTTAWA] I was going to put Tim Cheveldae as my most underrated goalie but look at the team he's backstopping, still he's is not mentioned much around here. 4. Norm Maciver [OTTAWA] Great to hear that other have found this guy awesome. 5. Kevin Dineen [PHILADELPHIA] I swap him for Lindros. great hands. 6. Johan Garpenlov [sAN JOSE] This guy with Falloon seem to be a great force. 7. Rob DiMaio and Bob Beers [TAMPA BAY] Matter of fact the entire TAMPA BAY TEAM is underrated. 8. Sylvain Cote [WASHINGTON] Take out BIG AL and throw this guy in, works for me. Overrated to mention a few Shannahan, Hull, Turgeon, Vernon and Gilmour.
  3. I feel dumb when it comes to computers. I've read the read me file and went threw the steps. When I loaded the "save state" it keeps on coming up as anaheim vs anaheim and all the stats are reading zeros. I'm almost certain it's some very little and dumb that i'm doing on my part. I guess another question I have is. How do "save states" work and when would I save the state of the game. Once the game is fully over and it says exit game or just before that when the whistle blows after the game. Or do I have this all wrong all together. Any help would be big time help. Sorry if these are stupid question but if I don't ask I'll never get to use this awesome Tool. thanks
  4. Works beautifully, thanks again for all the hard work. I think i'm going to start my new season today.
  5. I download it and when I went to open it it's says Compressed folder error "Compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted". Anyways Sounds very cool You must have put alot of work into it. I liked version 2 as well.
  6. I hope this is the right area for this thread. I've Just started playing this game again major thanks to this site. I really like the recording option that you get with the gens. But I can only view the gir. files with the gens, are these gir. files convertible. I know hardling anything about computers but i'd really like to view these files without having to have to use the gens. Anyways thanks in advance for any suggestion and for plain having this site for people to enjoy a magnificent game.