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  1. Yea great page However, i feel as if i got short sticked due to the conference format (finished 9-11 and not in, when a 3-17 team is in)
  2. NE 1 know if there is going to be a winter season?
  3. snapped forearm at age 7 broken multiple toes dislocated jaw 2 months ago
  4. HEY Evan, Is there any way i can change teams before the league starts Im in GENS D and i have STL I was wondering if i could switch to VAN cuz nobody is the canucks? If it isnt possible its no big deal my username is puckster92
  5. is this like fantasy hockey? Im not a vet but i would like to join if it is a fantasy hockey league
  6. yea, but im talking mainly about netplay When you are in a game, like in the league for instance, does the sound create lag and take away from the gameplay?
  7. Personally, I love the sounds in the game the organ, the crowd, that red light siren that burns my goalies neck too often the intro music the "chaugha" when players check and the grunts but, does anyone use the sound when they're playing on netplay? I find that it sometimes slows the game down What are your takes?
  8. I was wondering what types of joypads people used Im also curious where i can get a usb adapter and a sega controller, or a usb sega genesis controller
  9. TREVOR LINDEN: The guy was just breaking into the league at the time, hes got pretty good passing and a great shot. Whenever im VAN I always sub him for courtinall
  10. hey everyone, the names brandon if yall wanna play IM me on AIM (sn: puckster92) note to all admins: IM me or respond to this post in order to play my test game
  11. Whats up Everyone! Hi im Brandon, or Puckster92. Just got set up here my aim is puckster92 give me a shout if you wanna play
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