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  1. TheVal


    9-3, 13-4 BOSTON WON BOTH
  2. Ok gitarman or xgrad, you have to make a ruling on this
  3. Sorry for being the snail, I had an impromptu trip up to Maine with no access to a computer, my apologies.
  4. TheVal

    ROUND 7

    Boston takes Tim Chev.
  5. TheVal

    ROUND 6

    After hours of consideration Boston takes James Patrick.
  6. TheVal

    ROUND 5

    Boston takes Mathieu Schneider.
  7. TheVal

    ROUND 4

    Boston is very happy to see Mike Gartner Still available.
  8. TheVal

    ROUND 3

    Boston takes JAGRbombs.
  9. TheVal

    ROUND 2

    Boston takes Phil Housely.
  10. TheVal

    ROUND 1

    The boston bruins take..... Roenick. Speed kills.
  11. In an epic match up the Bruins fought to bring yet another title to Boston. IN BOSTON Boston 8, Montreal 3 Boston 12, Montreal 5 In montreal Boston 7, Montreal 6 Boston 4, Montreal 3 TIGHT games in MON, Master usually splits games with me. Good series my dude.
  12. At Boston Boston 7, LA 5 Boston 7- LA 2 In LA Boston 6, LA 3 Boston 3, LA 6 BACK IN BEANTOWN Boston 6, LA 2 Good series Fenty.
  13. Give me the Bruins, I want to bring yet another title to Boston. Also please put JVizzy22 on waiting list for this league.
  14. Jeff has been in the witness protection program for months. Is this really wise fellas? I am proclaiming dominance even though I will surely have the worst draft of alltime