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  1. Thanks, these are vrey cool for the old school fans. Played some of the 1975 game with the Flyers. Then tried some NYI on the 79. Great stuff. Can't wait for the 80s.
  2. First off I just want to say THANKS! It is great that you guys spend the time and effort so we can enjoy this game with current rosters. Anyways, can you take a look at Mike Richards (C #18 Flyers) for future updates. He is the most underrated player in the NHL by most fans and media. He is now the 2nd line Center with RJ & Knuble. Plays his ass off on every shift. Turned himself into a scoring machine (look at the pts), also one of the best defensive shutdown Centers. Can fight, check, pass & shoot. Future Captain in Philly. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the update. I'll try an grab it later. Big fight fan. Do you have a roster listing anywhere that are easy to post? If not, no worries.
  4. Nevermind, lol! Works fine now. On refine keys I used the mouse to click the icon to "?" then used the controller. Thanks again for the great games.
  5. I have a newbie question for the experts here. I did a search on the joypad config option, but didn't quite find what I need. Keep in mind I am a total newbie when it comes to PC games. I downloaded the NHL94 game & Gen and they play fine. The only problem is my controller (standard playstation style usb port) doesn't work at all with the game. The keyboard does work, but I perfer to play with the controller. I tried to do this: "To configure you controller in Gens, goto Options > Joypads, and click [Refine Keys] for Player One. Follow the prompts and that should do it." BUT I am not sure how to refine keys or what prompts I am looking for. When I plug the controller into the USB port I do get a "BEEP" so the controller seems to be working. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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