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  1. I was not even aware that such a thing existed. If I were to download and install one of these apps, would I be able to run a PC emulator?
  2. Does anyone here play nhl94 on a Mac? If so, hit me up @ awesomerino on AIM.
  3. Does anyone wanna try playing me to see if this works? Otherwise, I'm boned sans PC
  4. He was right to do so. Oates-Bondra-Muller or something terrible like that. I was young and confused.
  5. Great, so I have the 94 AIDS. f**k me.
  6. Hey dudes, long time no see. I'm getting back into the '94 and looking for some games/league/tourney. Hit me up on AIM awesomerino. Also, if I'm playing on a Mac can I play against people on PC? Are the emulators compatible? If not, is there a Leper league where people like me can play?
  7. Oh hi there. This is awesomerino. You may remember me as the guy who coached a very homicidal Wayne Gretzky and the LA Kings to decidedly mixed results. Following my unceremonious 2nd round defeat at the hands of the always-modest Sungod661, I went into hiding, where I subsisted on moss for 6 months before emerging in time to wrestle the Independent Presidential Nomination away from Ron Paul. I'm back now, and looking quite forward to the upcoming season, assuming of course that there's room for me. Would one of the Powers That Are please be so kind to let me know if there's room for me in this upcoming season? I'd be much obliged. Also, I just discovered that several of you nominated me for Best Writeups last season. To you, I say "aw shucks."
  8. Hey Sungod, I'm going to be unavailable until Jan. 6, as I just took off to St. Martin for a week, and like a dumbass, I forgot to pack my controller. I'm sorry. The irony is that I made extra sure to bing it home with me to Montreal for Christmas, but Santa brought me the flu and left me in something less than game shape. If the Mods That Be won't abide this little delay, well, then I guess I'm SOL. But if we are able to delay our series, I can definitely play on Jan. 6. You can reach me anytime via email at: patrick.dussault@gmail.com Happy/Merry, dude. Pat (awesomerino)
  9. Ah, I see. Well, while I think it was only right to stick to the existing playoff-qualifying format this year, I definitely agree that the Powers That Be should look into switching over to a seeding format next year.
  10. Just turned 28 a couple weeks ago. I'm more surprised to see anyone 22 on this site and under than I am to see people over 30.
  11. Awesome. While I was very much aware that Mike Gartner is world's #1 prostitute (and the thinking man's JR), I am very pleased to discover that 'no' means whatever the hell James Patrick says it means.
  12. LOS ANGELES (Dec. 13) -- After his Los Angeles Kings battled to a hard-fought, 5-game series victory over a tough Chicago Blackhawks squad, center Jimmy Carson was pleased to learn that he is, in fact, the other Son of God. "I'm as surprised as you are," said Carson on the heels of his 4-goal performance in the series-clinching game, "But in retrospect, yeah, I guess it makes sense. I mean, my initials are JC, right? That's something." But rather than turn water into wine, like his dirty hippy brother, this Son of God prefers to turn loose pucks into goals. "I'm not going to lie, it's great being great," mused Carson. "You know what the nicest part is?" asked coach Awesomerino J. Awesometon. "He's not a mentally unabalanced murderous sociopath. It's such a breath of fresh air. Really. Things have been kind of, I don't know ... tense, I guess ... since the Robitaille thing, so this is good." The 'Robitaille thing' to which Awesometon alluded is, of course, the Thanksgiving Day massacre that saw team captain Wayne Gretzky bake his former teammate at 425 degrees for 13 hours before carving him with a chainsaw and serving him to a group of hungry-but-horrified Kings players in late November. "Krsahajk meiliek nasdj cbhk!!" said Gretzky, who has since abandoned the English language in favor of a dialect spoken primarily by Wookies and the criminally insane. The Kings will enjoy some time off before their much anticipated semi-final matchup against the high-flying Pittsburgh Penguins.
  13. Line 1: LW - Adam Oates C - Peter Bondra (jersey #9, please) RW - Kirk Muller D - Dave Manson D - Kevin Hatcher Line 2: LW - Dale Hawerchuk C - Sergei Nemchinov RW - Dirk Graham D - Doug Bodger D - Vachslav Fetisov Starting goalie - Dominek Hasek
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