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  1. Pittspuke Penguins G - Essensa G - D -Manson D -Macoun D - D - F -Jagr F -Corson F -Davydov(?) F -Nieuwendyk F -Joe Murphy F -
  2. Amen, brother Why would I wish my opponent "good luck" when he's playing against me? F sportsmanship
  3. Pittsburgh welcomes back Jaromir Jagr
  4. Pit protects Essensa, damn you, FPB/Hokkee
  5. Hey dudes (and egg)- While in my insomnia-induced stupor, I began to think about some of my all-time favorite moments from our favorite resident wacko. This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list, just a list of highlights (lowlights?) from Hokk's turbulent NHL94 "career". Some quotes are heavily edited in order to keep the NHL94 moderator gestapo at bay: "i have already broken my desk,keybord and just about my knuckle and my women is ready to kill me" "your just stupid ice so your opinion is useless ,so go lift weights and it might make you smarter" "f**k the gdl site of now and grow some balls and do whats right and dont give me that oh he had food poisoning 2 months ago and he cant do anything...f**k him !!!!" "psssssssss...click...glug,glug,glug...ahhhh..... oh and i tripped over the reigns and fell off the wagon...damnit" "well besides jrod being gay and leaving us hanging ..id like to say thank u jrod for listening to me all those nights i was plastered and messaged ur ass off" "taking offers on my sweetums ...big al iafrate ...ohhh yeah" "in that season you ...you...not every season hahaha you ...you .... " "you thick eye brow mo fo" "im ok now ...had my coffee and smokes" "I will try to have as many kids as possible and brainwash them with nhl94 ..." and my personal favorite..... "ggs c**tface!"
  6. Guilty as charged. However the tie was actually a LOSS!! Ps-Just had my 1st post edited(in 2 years!!) Seems like the mods are bored too when a little trash talking gets erased! spent 10 bucks on the mod lounge vending machine today alone : mods
  7. Let's keep it civil people. :mods If I did have any money, I'd bet on Kg in a series against anybody, especially flaming bure
  8. Ignorant toddler.
  9. It's true. This measure is being taken to protect Kg from any Canadian NHL94 black ops types. He's too valuable to team USA to risk being put in a hostage situation. -Jrod
  10. Ice, I'm sick of your goatee and bald head-s**t's been gettin on my last nerve! And would you please, for the love of god, stop callin me "brah"?- I damn sure ain't Hawaiian, and don't think you are either. Also, WTF is up with you and Petr Klima? Wouldja stop drafting him in every stinking league? News Flash: HE AIN'T THAT GREAT!!! Edit: Just to make this post legit, Det in 5(they can't be stopped)
  11. And once again Jesus takes the Gold in the oddball olympics.
  12. He had only beaten me once in gdl before our series
  13. jesus=secret weapon for US habs-would ya update this s**t already? I think we've pulled ahead!!!
  14. I think I'm gonna cry. (reminisces about better times)
  15. AIM NAME: jrodimus31 OPTION 1: yes - A OPTION 2: yes COMMENTS: Icestorm is my hero (tears welling up)
  16. The last thing I wanted to read about today is some dudes "juices" ps-I'll challenge your ass, Carse pss-awesome post, clock "94 is chocolate crack"=instant classic (can I have your expressed, written permission to use that?) psss-ggs AJ you are one of the best at this game, thanks for the beatings may the grip of 94 bring you back soon
  17. Agreed. Not everyone can step in and be a Jrod/Ice/Sebe
  18. Bro, you're arguing with a 15 year old.
  19. Gimmie Detroit no weight bug in this rom, correct?
  20. Awesome work, Smo 88+11=unstoppable Congrats to Carse-lots of smart plays in that series
  21. Cam Neely would like to right what has been wronged-ASAP
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